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  1. It looks like your PV max is set to only 30, but your actual PV is at 741. I would have expected to see a status of -6, not sure why its not
  2. Haven't tried this before. Sounds tricky. There is an instruction to pause the derivative and integral control values in the PID struct, as well as an instruction to force the integral error to a particular value. I don't know if this alone will "freeze" the output value. You probably would have to manually control the process value as well.
  3. I would suggest to contact Support. I had an issue once with a new UniStream that gave me "Invalid MAC Address" msg on power-up. Same thing with the CPU being in stop mode. Tech support had to do a remote connection through my laptop to fix the issue. It was quite involved and not something that could have been solved simply by providing instructions to follow.
  4. Hi Adriano. If you could post your logic, it would help us to understand your problem and make it easier for us to help.
  5. Possible Cause 1: the CPU might be in STOP mode, not RUN. You can check/change the status using UniApps | System | Control. you can also use Unilogic to change the run/stop status of the PLC using "PLC Control", under "Unistream Management" on the PLC tab of the ribbon. Possible Cause 2: you may have your ladder logic in a function, other than the Main function, that is not being called. If this is the case, you will get a warning when you compile/download your project.
  6. OK. thanks. This brings up a new topic now...Combo Box list of text source I was hoping I could utilize the "Lists" with combo boxes somehow...I would like to have the "Options: List" collection of a combo box be sourced from a dynamic list, or data table column of strings. Currently, the list for the combo box is fixed and can't be changed thru program code or operator entry. I wonder if it's possible to somehow link a data table column of strings, or a list of strings to a Combo Box or "List of Text Variable"
  7. Can someone help me out to understand how to use the Lists feature found in the solution explorer. I don't see anything in the help files. I can see that there are many types of Lists available, and I can easily create Lists, but I don't see where/how to actually use or reference the List(s), once created.
  8. Hi Saragani. All 3 images worked fine...transparent background and no watermarks.
  9. I have had this issue right from the start with UniLogic...on multiple PC's and laptops. Even with VisiLogic, but there I can check the "transparent background" check box to easily eliminate it. In UniLogic, I set the background fill to transparent and it does nothing. I was just putting up with it up until now, but it would be nice to get to the bottom of it. As for image programs, I think all I have is what ever comes standard with Windows, but I'll double check that this weekend. Currently, I am running Windows 10
  10. "Btw, can you download the following image?" I downloaded the image and it did indeed have a transparent background. Unipics from the folder, "Unitronics \ Unitronics Visilogic_C\ Data \ ImagesC \ UniPics \ Large \ Switches \ Indexed Large" all still display a white background. I tried the "onlinepngtools" app, and it worked to make the background transparent, but now I have the diagonal lines across the image. Also, I had to save it to a word doc first, then "save as picture" in order to be able to use it with UniLogic.
  11. Hi Saragani. So far, all of the unipics that I have used display the white background...but I have mostly only used the lamps. I will check some others though, just to see. The few .png images that I have downloaded from the web are the same, but usually darker background. Pascal, thanks for the link. That looks like a very useful tool. I will try it out
  12. Does anyone know of a way to make the background of UniPic images invisible? For example, I have used the "UniPics-Lights & Lamps-074.png" image. It is a green circle but has a white square background. If I use it on a screen with a white background, the square is not visible, but if I use it on any other colour background, the white square is visible. I could save them as a bitmap and edit the background out, but that is a lot of work to do for every image. I saw another image, almost identical, in a sample PID program, "UniPics-Leds-Green-04-On.Png" . This image has a transparent square background, but I can't find the source for this image, and I don't see any property that I can set the background to transparent.
  13. After your initial download, can you still download another program change? if not, then check your IP address settings in the project. If you downloaded a different address than originally set, you will lose comm's
  14. I too was surprised by this. Seems like it should be an easy thing to add. I have requested this before, but as of version 1.33.236, there are still only numeric tags available to add to the data sampler.
  15. Now that you have EtherCAT capabilities, it would be great to add safety controllers and I/O to the Unistream line up. Safety over EtherCAT ( fsoe ) Also, with the servo drive line-up, it would be great to have "Safe Torque OFF" ( STO ) inputs built in. I think you have them on the VFD's already. Looking forward to new releases, whatever they may be.
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