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  1. Not sure why you need the timer(s), but if you don't need the delay, you could use the Toggle Coil instruction, triggered by a rising edge on your push-button input. If you do need the delay, then just use one timer and trigger the Toggle Coil instruction on the rising edge of the timer.out bit....makes for less rungs and easier to follow logic.
  2. Does anyone know of a way that I could use the Alias name of an I/O tag, as a text variable? What I would like to do, is create screens that display the status of connected I/O. The status would be indicated by a binary image element. Beside the indicator element, I would like to have a text box that I could link to the Alias name of the respective I/O. That way, if/when I/O Alias names change, the associated text boxes, on the I/O Status screens, would change accordingly. If there is no way to currently do such a thing, perhaps the almighty creators would consider ma
  3. You need to get the specifics from Omron for the EIP parameters...no easy task. I had the same problem trying to connect to an Omron NX-EIC202...took weeks to get the info from Omron. Omron will supply an EDS file, but depending on the Unilogic version, you may not be able to use it(I think the latest version enables the use of EDS files). The details can be found in the text of the EDS file, but it is not immediately apparent.
  4. I used VNC Viewer on my Samsung tablet(android), no problems at all
  5. I found mine by searching the hard drive for *.usmp I'm not sure where/how the save path was defined (I found my files in a completely different folder than the current project), but the folder was named "Samples" there must be somewhere that I would have defined the Upload save path?
  6. Thanks for your replies. The bits I need to monitor are not contigious, but I will look at the Bits to NUM instruction anyway...I haven't used that before. As for "packing/unpacking bits into a UINT", I'm not exactly sure how to go about doing that.
  7. I want to create a data sampler that monitors a number of bits and integers, for troubleshooting purposes. As far as I can see, I can only assign integers or REAL numbers to the feed tags. I know I could compare each bit status and store either 1 or 0 into an integer, then use those integers in the data sampler.... but I have a large number of bits that I want to monitor and was hoping there is a better way. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Scott. I had similar results before(different hardware, same symptoms). In my case, the settings for the EIP were the problem. Check your Configuration Assembly instance #/size and also try with the "Use Run Idle for ....." and check-boxes checked.
  9. Once again, I ran into a roadblock where the manufacturer's tech support people couldn't tell me the necessary parameters to set up the EIP communications with a Unistream. They could only direct me to an EDS file online. With past experience, the EDS file print out, and some trial and error I found the following parameters to work: Input Assembly Instance: 100, size 24 Output Assembly instance: 150, size 10 Configuration Assembly Instance : 5, size 0 Check the box for "Use Run Idle for O2T" on the Output Assembly Instance For the Creators: Is there any plan to ev
  10. You would first need to create two LOGOUT buttons(one on top of the other), one with the message box enabled and one with it not enabled. Then you can create a check box that would control the visibility of each button. I don't know of any way to log-out via the ladder.
  11. not sure why, but you can't use timers in UDFB's. Maybe you could increment a variable within the UDFB using, for example, the frequency.frequency 1 (s) as a trigger, then comparing the variable as required?
  12. I too, would like to be able to nest structs, but until then, If/when you do need to uniquely name large numbers of variables, you can export the variables to an Excel file, edit them as needed, then import them back to the project...much quicker and easier than one by one in Unilogic, and, any edits are scrutinized when imported back to Unilogic and tag-name/syntax errors are reported when encountered.
  13. I'm not sure if I am looking at the same UDFB as you, but the one I have, in region2, rung5, the separator is populated by the first Fill Buffer instruction. The value 58, is ASCII code for : rung 6 doesn't have a separator, as it is only the day
  14. Why is it, when I execute this instruction with parameter D set to 0, that I get an error code -31, Number of lines in file is 0., and no file is created? According to the help file, setting this to 0, should write entire data table. I'm using ver. 1.21.51
  15. There is a simple, yet effective example of a "Pop-Up" screen found in the sample applications available online, Unilogic\Example\Alarms\UniStream_070_Alarms_Example_with_events.ulpr look at the Alarm History Screen, and specifically at the tag Clear_History_Popup, and the actions associated with the various buttons on the screen. There is a rectangle with 50% opacity, that appears when the Pop-up is displayed, that dims the background behind the Pop-up (nice touch). If you select that rectangle and "send to back", you will be able to select the various buttons and check out the actions a
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