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  1. Yes indeed, I would like to use modbus TCP. I tried to do so, but I don't get any data over. Do you have some example programs for this? Regards Henri
  2. We are trying to communicate with a V570 throught ethernet with a Siemens S7, but we don't get it running. Does anybode have some experience with this? We followed the whole manual from the S7 and nothing special. I could already communicate with another v570 in the network. I would like to keep one v570 as a master and the Siemens S7 as a slave. Some help would be very appreciated. Regards Henri
  3. I am working with a V1040 Vision PLC. The issue is the following. I want to have the active diagnostics from the Caterpillar engine. This can be up to 300 different codes. Does anybody have some experience how to obtain and process these alarms? I have the Voltage and engine hours etc. This is swopping and shifting some bytes, but the active diagnostics are worrying me. It is about the following PGN's Multi-packet Transfer Message PGN 60671 Active Diagnostic PGN 65226 Previously Active Diagnostic Codes PGN 65227 Thanks
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