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  1. Good morning, I use .NET driver dll since 2011 to communicate between our software and several PLC. Recently, we move the server (on wich our software run) from Paris (France) to Hambourg (Deutshland). PLC still remains in Paris. Server ask every 10 seconds all the PLC and sometimes I have an issue (almost 1 per hour) : "Failed reading DataTables structure from PLC. Details : Source array was not long enough. Check srcIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds" Source : Unitronics.DataTables This error never occured before. TimeOut may be the cause ? Versions are as below : Unitronics.DataTables.DLL ( and Unitronics.ComDriver.DLL ( Thanks a lot for your help
  2. Hi, I want to add compatibility with PLC (Vision 350) in our SCADA. SCADA will be the Master for a maximum of ten V350. Ideally I wished use Modbus TCP to interact with PLC but, I think it's impossible to read SD card .udt files directly in modbus TCP. So I decided to use the ComDriveDll. But Could I know, when the socket used in this dll is actualy opened and closed : Is the Ethernet class corresponds to a socket? (and so The fact declaring a new ethernet channel will create a new socket ?) and the fact getting a PLC objet will connect the socket ? Because in my code, I don't know If I must declare several Ethernet objects for each of my V350 or only one is sufficient, idem for the PLC object In normal condition my software will read the current values off each V350 (wich each of them will be a master of a ModbusRTU net) every 5 seconds. For all other modules of other brands, I use Modbus TCP and connect and disconnect the socket every 5 seconds for each modules (So as to give the module the capacity to respond to another master) Thanks
  3. I'm sorry, I realized that the folders in my windows explorer don't appear due to your example. It is because I used several SD cards and one was still connected to my computer.
  4. Hello, Thanks a lot for your quick answer. I only need to Read files (UDT format) and extract numeric values contained in, in order to write it on the PC with an other format, and after that delete files from the SD card. UniComDriver combined with DataTable dll should actualy be good for my need. However I note that when I launch your example, the "Three" of the SD card Folders automaticly appears on the Windows Explorer. Is that mandatory ? Because, as we work essentialy for pharmceutical laboratory, security is the most important thing to consider. And consequently, I can't let user accessing the SD card directly from the windows explorer... I would prefer hide it. I'll test this by building my project. Have a good day Sébastien
  5. Hello, and happy new year to unitronics community ! Our enterprise creates acquisition softwares and we have decided to standardize our application with unitronics Modules. Therefore, I have to interface a V350 with our SCADA. Is It possible to access files stored on the SD card (by function block "Write Data Table To SD") directly by PC (are there dll already developped). I know that there is a dll (Unitronics.DataTable) for the access to DataTable. But I was told that I have to transfer temporarely data from SD to DataTable to be able to read them from PC (by .net) Thanks for your answer Kind regards I appologize for my bad english.. Sébastien
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