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  1. Yes, It's Alarm Summary. Calling Alarm Summary is using banner. There are no action calls from the program. We try to erase and recognize all the alarms and then hangs the screen but the control still works. This failure occurs randomly (rarely) I will consult my client to see if it is possible to send them the application program.
  2. Hi, We have a very serious problem and is that randomly the program stays in the alarm manager and does not respond to any button with the inability to return to the screens of the main program.
  3. I am trying to retain the values of a PID structure but I do not know how to do it. Any ideas? Thank you.
  4. Hi! I would like to know if in the future (in the short term) you can activate Message Box from ladder?
  5. I was working with a UniLogic project when the computer shut down. Reopening the project with VisiLogic gives me the following error: "This project was created with an later version of UniLogic, and cannot be downgraded. Please open this project with a newer version of UniLogic" Now I'm not able to open the project and I use the latest version available: 1.18 rev 60
  6. When I push the button "N", I want to edit the MI30 registry via the keypad. See atachment files. I do not want to use the traditional method.
  7. Sorry for my bad explanation. I have a button associated to MB10 and I need to modify the MI30 registry when I press this button. That is, I need to activate the keypad when I press the button and edit the registry MI30.
  8. For V570, Is there a way to invoke the numeric entry keypad from ladder, referencing an operand (MI, ML, etc) instead of a variable? Thanks,
  9. I'm trying to clear the "log files" but can not find the way to go. Does anyone know how to do this?
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