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  1. Hello, I have project using cognex camera to check codes on production line. I thought it would be nice feature to have actual picture on the screen but I ended stucked with lot of questions - I thought FTP RAM server in UniLogic should do the job but all I got is black screen widget with "no stream resource displayed" Unfortunatelly I found just tutorial on Youtube for FTP server/client setup and this lacks more info about storing files on SD card. /there is Root column in FTP server setup which is not visible in video tutorial nor explained/ ---- When I access SD card content via UniApps there is lot of folders seen (UserLogs, Screenshots..Audio, Video etc) . When using FileZilla to access same SD card on PLC there is just root folder displayed or folder which is created as cache folder for images. But Images I receive end outside this folder.(??) There are also files with name SHADOW_picture.jpg but again outside folder I created for caching. I can see received pictures on SD card but I can't set their location using FTP RAM Server . In ordinary FTP Server there is "root" column which at least alowes me to set folder where incoming picture(s) will be stored. I couldn't find working example for getting FTP image on the screen anywhere so I kindly ask if someone can guide me how to get it working. I also tried to use "fixed image" on external (SD) source. I managed to get only first image received and somehow cannot change it to newly received one via screen reload as you suggested in tutorial. I can see different pictures arrive via FTP (same name but different sizes) but only first one is displayed altough I reload screen. So working example of FTP RAM Server functionality would be highly apreciated by me. Regards Marko Kocijan marko.kocijan@logokod.hr LOGOKOD Croatia I configured camera to send picture(s) via FTP. Using freezilla and Win environment works fine.
  2. Hello, I'm new to Unistream so forgive me if I misunderstood something simple (I use latest UL version and latest firmware on PLC). I wanted to convert number in string and found out that UniLogic doesn't have Num to ascii function. Not happy, but OK, I found UDFB in samples library and set it up according to my needs. Then I encountered problem : I want to set output string to be 4 characters long, show +/- sign and pad zeroes to fit 4-char format ('+007' for example) UDFB works fine until I switch PLC off and then ON again. I noticed that in my ladder progrem UniLogic CHANGES UDFB format (padding) selection from 2 (pad with zeroes) to 1 (pad with spaces) I cant figure out why UniLogic changes UDFB input parameter by itself??? Even stranger is that downloaded program "works" until power off. After power On PLC start to pad "spaces" instead "zeroes" and when I open Unilogic program there is also format in UDFB set back to "1" -pad with spaces. attached pic. UDFB input parameter D should be "#2" for my needs but somehow it comes back to "#1' Thanks for help, Regards, Marko Kocijan
  3. Hello, I think solved issue here... I uninstalled Silicon Labs UART 201x driver which was installed automatically for Win 10. Driver version was 10.1 . Same driver is also present at SilLabs site as "win 10 universal". Well, I downloaded and installed "older" version 6.7.5 (1893) from their site and this gives me no Run time errors on my Samba unit connected to USB port. ...so Joe T. was right...blame Win10 and driver.. Marko
  4. Hello, same issues here...win 10...run time errors and "sendbinarydata property..." error while downloading. Using Samba 43J which has only USB port so no "serial converters" would help. Interested in "long term" solution. Marko
  5. Hello, have an application in which I have to enter string in a form for example "222-333"... Due "minus" sign in the string customer has to move between two offered keypads, one containing numbers/letters and one containing "-" sign. I wonder if there is possibility to make "custom" keypad which would contain both digits and "-" sign on same layout? It would be even more convinient if keyboard could only contain digits and "-"sign because customer would use only numbers and "dash". Simple numeric keypad looks exactly like one I need but it could be used only for numeric input and "-" sign on it can't be used as "dash" between digits. So, what can be done to easy a life for customers need to input string variable in above mentioned format on v570? Thank you Regards Marko Kocijan LOGOKOD Croatia
  6. Hi guys, thank you for help here... yes, I use 115,000 from the beginning. Powering down unit and leaving it without battery whole night didn't help. Unit started in the morning with all data inside, including application I downloaded last before "problems". Good hardware :-) Well, support gave me 9.0.1 beta which behaved same as 8.6.3 and 9.0.0beta. No progress. Powering up in bootstrap mode (hold 5sec after powerup and taping twice to stop initialization) also gave me no results. I even took another PC to check if PC is the problem...same thing. Then I installed v8.0.1 and put older OS for v570 into the unit. After that, 8.0.1. was able to "download" application to PLC. :-) I installed 9.0.1 again and upgraded OS only through advanced menu. It worked! New OS 3.3 (03) was installed ok and unit reported it correctly during application download. But I wanted also to upgrade BinLib and Boot file....(through advanced mode) Here I noticed that I loose serial communication BEFORE BOOT or BINLIB system files are erased ("erasing" progress bar remains empty and PLC shows "Idle" on the screen)...PC reports loose of communications. Only when I choose O/S file to be downloaded, erasing bar works, plc changes from Idle to Erasing and Programming etc. New O/S is installed correctly and download of application works again. Well, I'm still not happy because if I go to PC communication...O/S check...VisiLogic opens upgrade dialog and wants to upgrade BOOT, BinLib and OS to latest versions (newer than currently in PLC)...but when I start (4 steps) wizzard, it starts erasing O/S system files and serial communication breaks when O/S erasing bar reaches the end. Powering down/up PLC results with "O/S error" but then using Advanced mode I download only O/S file and restore the unit to working condition. Same thing happens on both my PC and laptop so I don't think is specific PC related issue. At least I manage to avoid reporting 0.(0) version at beginning of application download. If you know a way you can upgrade BOOT and BinLib files without communication break, it would make me happy :-) Thank you again for helping me along this problem Regards Marko
  7. Hi Ash, thank you for the fast answer... I already tried upgrading using "advanced" tab. When I use this method, I loose serial communication after "Erasing" od old O/S. "Erasing" progress bar comes to end, PLC changes from "erasing" to "idle" /SM request and after few seconds PC displays that comm is lost and I can't do anything until I power down/up PLC again. I got O/S error on next PLC boot but then communication is established again, I can "check" OS version and load O/S using "wizzard" This "normal" (wizard) upgrade works fine but again when I want to download application, download fails with O/S 0.(0) error. Strange. Regards Marko
  8. Hi, I got v560 and VisiLogic 8.6.3 installed... During download I have message O/S Version 0.(0) and warning (220) that "newer O/S version is required." In Info menu software version it says: firmware:003.001.30 (Nov 14 2010) boot: 002.002.02 (mar 8 2010) bin lib: (1) 001.003.04 Factory boot:001.003.01 may 16 2010 In VisiLogic /Communications-PC settings... O/S Check/ offers no upgrades (see attached screenshots) PLC starts normally with last downloaded application but I can't download anything new Can you help me with this issue? (how to restore normal download) Thank you Marko Kocijan LOGOKOD Croatia
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