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  1. Hi, For the graph, it may be do-able but all the magic would have to be down in the HTML. The controller will only be able to share operands, you would need to write a script to accumulate the values over time and then display them in graph form. For the audrino you can connect to it using RS232 and send information using the FB protocol, CANbus will work as well but serial should be cheaper and easier IMHO. Sounds like a interesting project
  2. In the font handler, make sure that script is set to Cyrillic (box is at the bottom right) Also your PC should be set to Russian as well to allow the Copy/Paste. In Control panel --> Region and Language On the formats tab select Russian from the first drop down. On the administrive tab click "Change System Locale" Set the Default input to russian. You should now be able to copy and paste russian characters freely. hope that helps!
  3. Hi Michael, When debugging I find it always helps to test everything step by step before connecting them all. If you put each CSV write on separate MBs and trigger them manually do they both write successfully? If so you may need to change the delay or conditions between the two. If not, then it could be a problem with the file name, check the status message in each write FB for a better clue as to what went wrong. Regards, Ryan
  4. Welcome Kelraz! Glad you like the forum, we are always glad to hear that. It looks like that MI is being used by another process, from the description it looks like it is linked to a PT100 in the hardware config. Because of this, the controller will update the MI with the value from the PT100 immediately after you force the value to 0. This change happens so fast you will not see it in online mode. If you want to test the linearization function you will have to assign a unused MI to force the value. BTW I should mention that RTDs like PT100 do not need to be linearized in visilogic. The real engineering value will appear in the linked MI automatically with a resolution of .1 degree. So if it is 68.5 degrees in the room, the MI will hold 685. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Regards, Ryan
  5. The 32MI vector is basically just scrap paper that the controller uses to calculate the formula. It just uses for extra memory and they don't hold any real value.
  6. Hi nkwai, It is very hard to determine just from the one net. The MODBUS scan means the controllers is a MODBUS slave. The reset looks like there is data that is being stored in a bit map and the programmer is using num to bit and bit to num to convert between decimal format and binary format but it is difficult to see much else. If you need any help understanding the program please feel free to send an email to support@unitronics.com. Regards, Ryan
  7. Hi Maulik, If you send a copy of the program to support@unitronics.com we would be happy to investigate the error. Regards, Ryan
  8. Before each UniCAN send there needs to be a invert contact of SB201 or SB202 (for High or Low priority). You can add these bits to the uploaded project if you like, or there is an updated in version in the examples help --> Examples
  9. Hello Reshef, Unfortunately it is not possible to trigger a keypad entry on a touch screen from the ladder, this can only be done from the HMI. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Regards, Ryan
  10. The HMI and the ladder share the same operands, so for example if you created a variable on the HMI and linked it to MI5, that will be the same MI5 in your ladder.
  11. http://forum.unitronics.com/files/file/30-%7B%3F%7D/ this one hope it helps, let me know if you have any questions
  12. 543 downloads

    Draws a trend on screen using X,Y points from a DT
  13. In the trends HMI element, what do you have set for the "Link" operand. This should be set to a new operand and not the value you want to trend. It will store the value of the current curve you are looking at. My guess is you may have it set to the value you want to trend and when you go to the HMI screen it is being set to 1, for curve 1.
  14. Hi Alexei, What do you have the dip switches on the EX-RC1 set to?
  15. Not with the built in trends found in the Enhanced series of controllers, however it is possible using the old function block method. There are some great examples in visilogic (Version 900\Project Examples\Trends\) You can store all your XY points in a data table and use the trend function blocks to draw the line on the screen.
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