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  1. Hi, I have exactly the same problem (email text is attached as "body1.txt" file). What I can say, this is not only a gmail problem, Same problem exists also with other email providers and with different email clients. It seems that something in the unistream email format need to be manually adjusted (character set or encoding type). In some devices (mostly android device) the email body text is displayed as plain coded text. Gmail, Outlook, and Samsung E-mail have a "body1.text" file attached. This email sending problem needs a quick repair. Using same e-mail account and servers with Vision series the e-mail arrives in correct and readable format.
  2. Hi! How to change Unistream UAC-01RS2 module RS232 serial port communication parameters within ladder function? Connected serial device (Kamstrup Multical M66 type energy meter) use different baudrate for Rx and Tx communication. I need to swap Unistream serial port baudrate between 300 for Rx and 1200 for Tx to get data from energy meter. Also Unilogic serial port configuration allow minimum baudrate only 1200, but there is a need for 300! In Visilogic it is simple, there is a "COM Init" function block for this purpose, that i can use within ladder. How to resolve it within Unilogic ladder??? This is a major problem and need urgent resolving! "This is not possible" is not the right answer!
  3. I have configured a Unistream PLC as Modbus Master (periodic working mode) and connected with 11 Modbus Slave devices using RS485. Communication works five or six hours as it must, but suddenly Modbus RS485 communication hangs up. It stops to polling just one (random) slave device and does not poll other slaves at all. After hard reset of whole PLC (power off and on), it starts polling all slaves normally. I make tests with "Modbus Poll" software and PC, result was that the communication with all slaves working correctly, but Unistream PLC as master does not. By the way, there is no possibility to adjust "retries count" and "time out" values for Modbus communication. This is very serious disadvantage. If a one of the slaves does not answer to the master requests, the communication with other slaves must still work!
  4. Help wanted!!! After replacing older V570-57-T40B PLC to new one (V570-57-T20B with latest firmware, project file created earlier with Visilogic version 7.0.3 is converted now to 9.5.0) the Modbus slave communication simply does not work anymore. The V570 Modbus TCP slave connection doesnt work with PLC IP address Is there some new address range limitations for Modbus? Socket status monitoring shows me that socket is connected, but PLC simply doesnt answer to Modbus data requests from SCADA system. Ethernet connection itself is OK (Visilogic can communicate with IP address, but Modbus not) Everything worked well with older PLC and firmware and there is no changes made in PLC project and SCADA software.
  5. This limitation (actually there is possibility to use only 49 analog I/O points) MUST be mentioned in documentation and brochures. So the V1040 and V1200 MUST have more I/O capacity, 49 I/O words is not much. There is 64 I/O words needed!
  6. Hi! There is couple of ideas for future upgrading the alarm configuration utility: First idea: add a option for link the alarm delay time with the user selectable timer. Now we can't change alarm delay without using a Visilogic software. Second idea: add a option for link a single alarm to additional bit (or input) to enable/disable this single alarm, as we now can select alarm active, acknowledge and reset bits. For example "disable alarm" bit is ON = alarm is disabled.
  7. Of course i can use Modbus in other cases. But our national power grid manager use only IEC 60870-5-104/101 protocol in their central SCADA systems (80-90% of the European power grid data communication systems based to the IEC 60870-5-xxx protocol), and i must transmit to power grid manager some data from my V1040 PLC. If there is no direct support to IEC protocol, the easiest way is to me is to use the separate protocol converter unit (Modbus TCP to IEC 60870-5-104 protocol). Rene
  8. Hi! Is there any ideas how V1040 PLC can communicate through TCP/IP network with SCADA software using the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol? For example the SCADA must have access to read 20MI-s from V1040. Is the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol supported?
  9. How to backup and restore Visilogic IP Favourites. There is a possibility to backup or save Favourites to doc format file, but no way to import it back to Visilogic application. Where are stored this Favourites data? How to transfer all Favourites at once to another computer, instead to enter data manually line by line again?
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