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  1. Hi I suggest you try this: First make sure you have the latest OS version. Check if you are writing to the file whilst sending, this should be avoided. Increase the value in SI59 Hope this helps Emil
  2. Hi The function ASCII TO NUM can be found in the String menu, in the Help menu use this path to find how to use the function: Home>Ladder>String Functions>Strings: Num to ASCII, ASCII to Num To convert MI to MF use the function A+B/n, it can be found in: Math>Float>Convert Emil
  3. Hi Ofir Thank you for the reply. My real problem is to find out the name of the file to delete. In the FB "Delete SD file" I can either type the file name or use indirect value. My filename is generated by the application and is 8 char long + file extension (MI 340 to MI345) Is it possible to use indirect value of MI340 to delete the file? Emil
  4. Hi I have a project where I log data to SD card, a new file is created every week and the name of the file is the date when it was created. Since it is only possible to have 64 files in every folder I wonder if it is possible to get the program to delete the oldest file if necesary. Emil
  5. HI What is the easiest way to detect a change in an MI? What I need is a bit to be set whenever an MI changes its value
  6. I have up to 16 V130 and one V570 PLCs on a UniCan network. The V130s are placed around a plant and 10 sensors (temperature, oxygen, pH) are connected to each PLC. The V570 acts as a main unit where all the values from the V130 are shown. A SCADA system is connected to the V570. Is it possible to log all the 160 values on to a SD card in the V570 and show them on a trend (one trend for each value)?
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