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  1. Hi! Good day, I'm trying to program a remote monitor application my PLC, through internet: Station: PLC (GPRS Modem) Remote Monitor: PC (DSL Broadband --> Router ---> PC) The PLC GPRS registration seems OK, and it gives an IP Add to my device, Then set such unit to Listening Mode: (port 20257) While on the Remote side, I've tried to Call the IP address indicated on PLC GPRS Registration and using port 20257 but connection failed. I've also tried port forwarding on my router but error persist. I think this setup will work, but i don't where am i lacking into.. please, any inputs are very much appreciated... Thank you
  2. Hi AlexUT! Thank you very much for the response, This is the valve model Samson Valve System 6000 Electropneumatic Convert for direct current signals i/p Converter Type 6116 Reference manuak EB 6116 EN Regards CarlDevin
  3. Hi, Good day! I would like to ask regarding my project, I'm using V350 35 R22 and having a modulating valve as a controlled instrument using plc analog output. My problem is that I can't control the valve on below 50% openning (below ~11mA output) however, I can actuate the valve or command on 50% - 100% opening (12mA - 20mA output). I've tried to isolate the plc output to verify the output current and it seems fine (4mA - 20mA) Also, I've tried to insert a ammeter to check the loop current while the plc's injecting current to instrument, 12mA-20mA was OK but when the plc's inject below ~11mA plc output command the ammeter readout dropped to ~0.98mA... Is there something i missed out on configuration?? Can anyone please help me with this matter? Thanks in advance. Furthermore, I'm using Samson i/p converter type 6116 as my field instrument... Thanks
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