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  1. Windows May 2020 update caused VisiLogic to be identified as a "Trojan horse". VisiLogic is safe to use. To overcome this issue, go in to "Windows Defender" and change the "Recommended action" to "Allow". After you will allow VisLogic, you will be able to operate it: If VisiLogic.exe is missing, you will need to reinstall VisiLogic.
  2. Please send the code you got to Support@unitronics.com via the next link: https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/ticket/submit-ticket
  3. M2xx and other controllers from Minicon series are very old. It was discontinued more than 20 years ago, we have no controllers in stock and, as most of electronic components were discontinued long time ago. I hope someone here could help...
  4. Hi Don The IO`s are updated constantly each scan, so you will get the "true" value of your IO`s. If you are trying so simulate as if your IO is triggered, you can add a contact for input or a coil as output in parallel to your presses that you what to simulate.
  5. Hello Michel, Is this still relevant. Where you able to establish communication?
  6. Hi, I could not understand your question, the PLC sends your email but in some cases your "tiscali" server don't forward your mail`s? I`m not familiar with this server, can you narrow down to when your server does not send your email`s?
  7. There is no need to clear the Buffer but according to what you wrote, but if your message is cut off, so it`s sounds like that the Buffer is to short. Does "read limit parameter 29.12145 0.00010 29.31703 0.00269" is the full message? I have added our example project that might help you: UniStream_070_Message_Composer_Example.ulpr Easy was to check the Sent/Received message is via "Hercules " software. You can check our video tutorial on message composer: hercules_3-2-8 (1).zip
  8. You can find many example projects that you can refuse to and use. You could find there a "UniStream_070_schedule.ulpr" that will help you in setting a schedule. Furthermore, with in that folder, you will have a folder named UDFB, copy it`s content and save is in the next path: C:\Users\Guys\Documents\Unitronics\UniLogic\Library\Ladder (Set your [User Name] incited of "Guy") Within UniLogic, go to "Library" and add "RTC to ASCII" , drag the new "RTC to ASCII" subroutine to yor 'Function1", and set in the input the format you like. Time .ulpr
  9. Although we do not support this modem, you can send and receive arbitrary messages over TCP via message composer, you can check the next video on message composer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=G8bWtpYDt7E All so, I`ve attached a project that can help you see how to pars a message. UniStream_070_GPS_String_Parsing_Subroutine - Copy.ulpr
  10. The Sample file should be saved in the folder name you set, in my case "MySample". A file will be saved to the SD once the sample count will reach 60,000 samples or if you will stop sampling using the "Start/End Sampling". "Start/End Sampling" can be set to power up value `1`. You can check the next video on Data Sampling
  11. You can use "List of Images Variable" and set multiple images with a slight difference and by setting that specific Tag value the correlating picture will be displayed.
  12. The Numeric Box title can be switched automatically pending the displayed language. My numeric box is "Numeric Box21", you can see that my default language is Spanish and the second is English. When I will switch between languages that specific numeric box title will automatically switch between headlines titles languages.
  13. Hi Andreas, I have sent you a private message with some instructions in order to solve this issue.
  14. Hi Guys, There is no direct option to reset HSC which is on expansion unit. Attached is application which implements resetting HSC using virtual HSC. In the attached application instead of working directly with the MI that linked to the HSC (which you are unable to change/reset) working with the virtual HSC. Expansion HSC reset.vlp
  15. Hi Daniel, you can find example projects on many subjects that could assist you including TCP IP communication: To download UniLogic example folder see the next link: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic Examples_V1.19 Rev 80.7z Please follow the next link to download an example project that will be helpful for you (communicating with a 3rd party device via TCP). https://unitronics.exavault.com/share/view/ju4o-219xdl5i Please see the the next tutorial on how to use "Message Composer":
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