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  1. Hi Thank you for your reply ? I replaced the Unitronics splash screen with my company screen, and it works well. Until I made a screensaver, that turns the light down, leading to no light on the splash screen. I know it must be a "feature" that is not discovered by the Unitronics team, just wondered if anyone had found a solution for that. You are right, I can add a splash screen with light on, after the dark screen, it just seems "half done" (danish expresion, does it make sense?) Have a great day. @johnny
  2. Hi I am using a V350, and during the screensaver I turn down the backlight, and all is well. But if the PLC is turned off in low-backlight, it will start next time showing the splash screen in low-backlight. No code (even the initialization of powerup values of system variables) are set until the splash screen is done. So the time the splash screen is shown, the light is off ? (or low, I use 2 as lowest value) I tried to set the default value of SI9 to 100, with no effect. Is there a power down latter where I can set the value, or?? Looking forward to your reply. Br Johnny
  3. Hi I have made com code for a SAMBA plc, and wanted to use that for a quick start on V700. So I just changed the hardware configuration, and it works. But I get a message in VisiLogic when I start the program: prvChangeGuiByPLCType11 invalid Tool collection index I get the meaning of the message, but what do I have to do to fix it? Thank you Johnny
  4. Thank you Kikis. I was not aware that any third-party modules could interface to the controller. I have together with Unitronics support made these 3 setups, that I will look into cost. Thank you all for your input :-) @johnnyk
  5. Thank you Kikis for your clarification. Looking at your numbers the 500Hz will only drive the stepper a little more than one revolution/s and using micro steps even less, too slow. By reading in the forum, I found that the SAMBA would not work on EX-A2X, only EX-RC1. But how this is found in the Technical Library of Unitronics I am not sure, but it is good information when you have to select the additional IO :-) @johnny
  6. Hi I spend some time on working on the programming on the SAMBA I have already. I checked that the pumps, switches and light do run on the IO, making a service screen to make our mockup come alive. And it all works, and the programming are just so nice to work with, thank you :-) I made some drawings on the connection, please have a look. Have a great day @johnny
  7. Hi Keith Thank you for your response. I appreciate you input, especial on the VFD, I have had the same speculations on isolated com connections, and I think it a good idea to do so. Will the V100-17-RS4X fit into the V350 house? I need 12 digital outputs and 3 (?) for the stepper motor, that give a total of 15 outputs, why do I need the EX-A2X? (because it's isolated?) Does anybody have a input for the stepper motor connection, the V350's digital PWM output will go to 500Hz, is that enough for a stepper motor? So my V350 setup would be: - V350-J-T38, PLC - IO-LC1, Load cell - V100-17-RS4X, isolated RS485 - (EX-A2X, IO expansion module - isolated) And the SAMBA (can all this be connected to one SAMBA?): - SAMBA SM43-J-T20 - IO-LC1, Load cell - V100-17-RS4X, isolated RS485 - V100-17-CAN, CANbus module - EX-RC1, Remote I/O Adapter - UID-0016T, Uni-I/O Module - 16 transistor output Br Johnny
  8. Had a little more time to look over the setup. To have outputs enough, the V350 need to be a v350-J-T38 or a model that has less outputs combined with an IO card. In both solutions, I need to have a LC1 for the load cell, will that connect to the SAMBA that has the additional IO mounted? For the stepper motor, we only need the stepper driver, the PLC will do the input for that? @johnny
  9. Thank you Alexander. We are not going to have that many HMI screens, I would put it arround 10-12. Would it actuarly be possible to have a CANbus and a RS485 installed in the SAMBA at the same time, or do they use the same connector? We will compare the prices to see the difference. Are the to setups like this? SAMBA: One SAMBA SM43-J-T20 One V100-17-RS4X, the RS-485 connection One EX-RC1 adapter, connect to additional IO One V100-17-CAN, CANbus module One UID-0016T, additional IO V350: One V350 Or do we need more in the V350? Thank you, and have a great day. BR Johnny
  10. Hmmm, I put in my hardware question in the other thread, but it has not been accepted and shown yet, did I do something wrong? BR Johnny
  11. Hi, my name is Johnny, and I am going to make the PLC programming on a project using a SAMBA controller. I have been looking into the different videos and the forum, and right now, I have my doubt that SAMBA is the right choice. So instead of just buying more IO and stuff, and end up with an inconsistent setup, I would like your advice on the setup. The controller are going to be placed in a lab machine and will go into production next year. Meaning: “don’t use more money than necessary”, it’s not a onetime solution. We thought that SAMBA would do the trick, and wanted to use the same controller in the next different models, to get more quantity on it, but if the total price goes to high (e.g. compared to V350) or it’s not possible to work with SAMBA we must change now. Things that the PLC must be control: · 1 output: RS-485 to a Frequency inverter for a small one phase motor · 1 output: Stepper motor · 8 output: DC motor, (PWM or on/off in 0,1s interval) 24V 0,5A (max 3 active at the same time) · 1 output: linear motor, PWM for precise force · 3 output: LED · 1 input (optional): hall sensor input to align stepper motor position (could be a hall switch(?)) · 1 input: strain gauge, slowly reacting close loop to linear motor (it could be a silicon strain gauge, 4-20ma) · 2 input: switches The only thing I can’t figure out is the stepper motor connection, do I have to add a external stepper controller or/and a stepper driver, or can it connect to the PLC directly? If I stick to the SAMBA, I guess I need this list of hardware: · One SAMBA SM43-J-T20 · One V100-17-RS4X, the RS-485 connection · One EX-RC1 adapter, connect to additional IO · One UID-0016T, additional IO · ????? stepper motor Would this setup be better off using another controller? Thank you, and have a great day. @johnny
  12. Thank you Alexander. I have more issues on the hardware, so maby its better I make a project overview in the section "...I have a project...what hardware do I need?" And I hope you will put some words on it :-) @johnny
  13. Hi Joe I am starting on a project using SAMBA, and have spent some time reading in the forum. I to need some more IO on samba, and was puzzled by "Is it in the local panel or remote". Do you mean that it would be possible to get more IO if it is in the local panel and not remote? Thank you. Br Johnny
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