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  1. Hi please find attached. Awaiting your reply. thanks, Moorthy. sd card log.vlp
  2. Dear Gentlemen I'm working with V130, logging 4 parameters; date, time, an MI(reading as flow from a flow meter) and a Boolean value. on line view of the date table is all good, all 4 columns are logged, and row wise. my problem is writing to the sd card, to the csv format. All i'm getting when I read the sd card out of the plc is the first 2 digit of the date 05(today) logged repeatedly without space in a single row. Sample attached. No column headers. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Moorthy.unitronics 2.docx
  3. Hi Guru, Thanks for the reply. You've the cascading part right. Perfect. What I meant is if there are any function blocks in U90 that could represent cascading one way or another? Since I'm new to U90 haven't got a chance to fully explore it. Thanks again, Moorthy
  4. Dear Gentlemen, I'm rather new to Unitronics. Worked with Vision 230 couple of months on some simple control system. Now am working with Jazz-10-UA24Z. Making constant pressure boosting pump set control system. 2 pumps in parallel configuration which run on vfds, Feedback from a pressure transducer on the discharge manifold as PV, input. Analogue out from plc to vfds as speed reference, paralleled. I've got the pid part sorted out. Can anyone assist on 1. How to incorporate the cascading function to the program? Thanks, Moorthy.
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