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  1. Thanks Simon, I can work with this..
  2. Is there anywhere in the ladder to show which 'Current Screen' is loaded? (I cant seem to find anything). I'm trying to run a function that returns to a 'Home' page after no users touch the screen for 15mins (which I have done), but I only want the 15min timer to run from screens which have adjustable settings and not the read only screens. From the 'Home' screen I've set up UAC that will require a login to get back into the screens with adjustable settings but can freely navigate to the read only screens.. TIA
  3. What do you suggest I do to see 'why' this happens?
  4. I have a 15" HMI and have just updated firmware and program to V1.26.90, after which the VNC screens associated with the PLC have gone from 15" to 7" and I cant see where any options are to fix it. Any info on this?
  5. I'm not sure why it stops communicating but rebooting the PLC fixes the issue. Any suggestions on the cause?
  6. I have learnt that it is possible but requires an edit to the config file. I guess if anyone else needs it contact tech support. It might be something they make standard in the future. Thanks to Saragani for the assistance.
  7. Then it might be something the developers would like to consider as it can come in handy...
  8. I'm communicating to other Unistream PLC's..
  9. Hi all, I realise that I can reboot from UniApps but is it possible to do a reboot from Ladder/HMI. Reason being, my Modbus IP comms (over 3G) seems to get 'bogged down' after a few weeks/months and stops communicating. My golf course customer then angrily complains when his lake overfills because the fill pumps haven't stopped as comms is lost, I then log on and reset it manually from UniApps and away it goes again until next time. Id like to routinely reboot the PLC to prevent this scenario and also have a button on the HMI for the end user to press if needed rather than calling me.
  10. Is it also possible to hide the # on the HMI data table display? Developers: It would also be nice if we could adjust the Row Heights as well...
  11. I'm recording daily rainfall in mm to a datatable. How might I go about setting the decimal place in the data table to a resolution of xxx.x mm? Is it also possible to hide the # on the HMI data table display? Developers: It would also be nice if we could adjust the Row Heights as well... TIA
  12. Getting the values in to the data table is easy. Extracting it back out then using a formula to calculate the SUM of all the values requires a lot of logic. I guess sometimes there just no easy way hey.. A 'SUM' function that totals up the values within a data table would be nice.
  13. Hello, I have a rain bucket to monitor every 0.1mm of rainfall. I would like to display how much rain there has been within the last 24 hours, 7 days and month. I thought the best way might be to use a data table and 'insert row' which would push out old values, but to then acquire the sum of the data table is a convoluted process. Any suggestions on how I could achieve my goal?
  14. I tried putting some fuse wire across the terminals to test it but no joy.. Is it possible to get replacement card for these units or is it a toss away job? Card number: V1040-PS24W
  15. I have had a power surge go though a 10" Vision HMI and E1B I/O which killed them. Upon inspection I can see that it looks like the internal fuses have blown (See attached photos). Could someone let me know the fuse rating so that I can replace the fuses to see if that gets them going again?
  16. I'm trying to set the page width on the Web Server to 800 but it keeps reverting back 1035.. Any suggestions?
  17. Thanks Saragani. I'll keep an eye on the updates.
  18. I've set up a Web Server page to display Timer values (Elapsed) but the box remains blank. Labelled in the attached image as 'Match Time' and 'Game Time' Any advice on what the issue might be would be appreciated.
  19. I have two UniStream PLCs connected on an Ethernet network (Over Fiber Optic). Let's call one the master and the other a slave. Is it possible to duplicate the master onto the slave screen so they show the same thing? The Master is 15" and the slave 10".
  20. Can someone explain the format that the IP address is displayed in the Modbus IP communications status bit and how I can display it as a usual IP address like: Cheers
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