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  1. Hi wapcs Did you mean tapping on the curve will display the value on the curve in the x tapped position? This feature is currently in the making, and will probably be in our next release. The picture is for illustration purposes only
  2. Hi Steven You have a work-around for this issue. 1. Add a Screen named: "Screen Saver" 2. In the "Screen Saver" screen add a "Fixed Text" element, without text, and a Black background, and "Fit it to screen" (right click on the element -> Fit to screen). 3. Add to this "Fixed Text" a Action "Load/Last Screen". 4. Add a Global "Load Screen" Action to the project, bind it to a bit named: "Load Screen Saver Bit". 5. On the IsActive of that screen, add a global action that sets the back-light to 10%, and when existing that screen, you can make the back-light back to 100% Now you
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