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  1. Hi wapcs Did you mean tapping on the curve will display the value on the curve in the x tapped position? This feature is currently in the making, and will probably be in our next release. The picture is for illustration purposes only
  2. Hi Olaf There are a "State Machine Button" element. There you can add many buttons styles (foreground color, other text styles, and Actions) as you wish to one element. Maybe this will help you. yehuda
  3. Hi Steven You have a work-around for this issue. 1. Add a Screen named: "Screen Saver" 2. In the "Screen Saver" screen add a "Fixed Text" element, without text, and a Black background, and "Fit it to screen" (right click on the element -> Fit to screen). 3. Add to this "Fixed Text" a Action "Load/Last Screen". 4. Add a Global "Load Screen" Action to the project, bind it to a bit named: "Load Screen Saver Bit". 5. On the IsActive of that screen, add a global action that sets the back-light to 10%, and when existing that screen, you can make the back-light back to 100% Now you can set this bit ("Load Screen Saver Bit") anywhere you want (Ladder, HMI, Timer). As for the 0% in the UniApps, setting the value to 0% actually doesn't turn it off. We will add this feature as a feature request, but I don't know if, and when it will be implemented.
  4. Here is also an example of doing it with Ladder function. Mac2Number.ulpr
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