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  1. Agree... couldn't agree more... obviously...me too
  2. dears...sorry if I am wasting your time...but I have an update...seems that they (second supplier) have found what they were doing wrong...I don't know what exactly they have do but from yesteday the system is working without problems...and I am happy! thanks
  3. hi dierkens, thanks again for your answer...now I have 5 minute of "relax" to try to explain better what I have. to be clear ...when the phisical installation was started my PLC was ready, program done, test field simulation etc, to be connected with the master...obviously I wrote a data exchange document with all explanation...also a step by step example... was who had to program the master side that was not ready...and develloped the program at customer site! at the time I have connect the PLC with the PC where I created an easy program in C# to test...to show at the end custo
  4. hi dierkens thanks for answer....maybe my explanation was not clear...my PLC works as a slave...i create some registers (read, write) for a master (that is not mine)...who has created the master program is saying me that the comunications is not working...but if i use a program test to check my registers all works fine...i need to know what they are passing me.
  5. Hi All, I'm using the UniStream as a slave connected by Modbus TCP. Is there a way to know/check the forwarded data, by the Master, byte to byte? thanks
  6. Hi JotaPey, have you tried the Find Substring function block?....field A the string where you want navigate; field B the substring to search; field C the starting point to search in the main string; field D the result....for this last a positive result means that the substring was found....negative result means that the primary string doesn't contain the secondary string...you can navigate in your DTI until find what you want.
  7. ok..what I were doing was a control of the "expected bytes in input" in the same row using to function block "equal" and "not equal" then a ramification of the row...if equal i checked the buffer[5] if not equal I did a store as 8 (because 8 byte is alwayse the lenght of the function 0x03)....I splited these in two individual rows...and now works.
  8. Hi Ausman, no delay ...what I done is check the amount of incomming bytes and every 8 bytes, that are in the RS485, using an EQUAL block, pass at an buffer array using the COM RX function...store this last buffer array in a struct that has the same buffer and store in a DTI...increase the row where I store and restart; this works (the communication between master and slave start and stop on my command)...I repeat that if I check, passed, store this every 8 byte all works fine...but I want to split row by row the request and the answer...what is not working is the "store" of a part of buf
  9. hi camillende, yes...that I know is the only way.
  10. Dear All, I am having a strange issue...I try to explain, I am checking the serial communication between a master and a slave (modbus rtu...like a sniffer) and I am using the Unistream to catch the exchanged data...at the beginning, as first test, I record every 10 bytes and save the buffer in a DTI...and all has works fine...now I want to take the exact request/answer between master and slave....then the first record is checking the 8 bytes...the data will be, for example, 1-3-0-216-0-3-134-56 (the CRC is not calculated...I wrote only as example)...then I want check the position 5 in the
  11. Hi camillende, that I know is not possible; let me say that also if could be possible I still prefere check the program with a real PLC and I/O modules...in this way you will have not surprise during the real installation. Let me add that the unistream software is free...other brands don't share free software and you have to pay for this...the cost of a unitronics PLC+HMI+I/O modules is less than the cost of other software... this is what I done when I started to learn how a PLC works (checked what the markert offer as PLCs and for each PLC what was available) ... I found Unitro
  12. I know what you mean...however...good to hear that you fix this.
  13. hi, times ago I have had problem with the DTI store but was the SD card faulty...replaced the SD all start to works...I don't remember which error I had. However...put some immage about the status of your command after that this is start...to check the value of the variables...
  14. hi Moran, with error -31 seams that you are trying to save "0" (zero) rows in the file...or maybe more than how many are in theDTI...you have to check the value of the "D" variable in the "Store DTI ti File" function. usually at teh first start up of my programs, when I check if a file is already present, to load the file in the DTI, and the file is not created yet, I have alarm -4...then Icreate the files where I will store DTI....then seams that you are trying to read a file that don't exist...or maybe you have insert a wrong "number" of rows to trasfer...check teh "B", "D", "E" va
  15. Dear JotaPey, one of the attributes is called "actions", first in the attributes list, if you select this a small window will appear...in this window you can select many actions (set or reset BIT, load screen etc)...maybe you have added one action but without coupling the specific BIT to set or other...please check.
  16. hello Marko, are you sure that the variable that are you using to set the pad is "retained" type?...othewise at each reboot of the PLC this will take the start value set in its reference.
  17. Hi PLCsLOL when you add a module like analog input all its references (input value, status registers etc) are available in the "IO" menu than you can find in the bottom part of the window also where are available the menu: Global, Timers, Struct etc if you select this menu (IO) will show the list of the added modules; select what you want and all references will appear. when you add the module in hardware configurator its properties and references will be available for the ladder function as others tags...I think that the inputs and reference status of these modules will return
  18. Hi Andrew, exist many arduino library to use modbus RTU or TCP protocol..both master and slave...then how do the sketch depends on which library you will choose. each library include examples and someone also a manual...pay attention that Arduino MEGA doesn't has a native RS485 or ethernet port then you will need some extra board (usually cheap).
  19. Hi All, I am trying to send some mails and, for some of these, I have this "error message" (not from PLC but from the mail server): Reporting-MTA: dns; santino.mail.tiscali.it [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Received-From-MTA: dns; Unistream [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Arrival-Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018 20:06:13 +0000 Final-recipient: rfc822; xxx.xxx@libero.it (but also xxx.xxx@gmail.com) Action: failed Status: 5.1.1 Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 552 This message is not RFC 2822 compliant [smtp-22.iol.local; LIB_670] Last-attempt-Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018 20:06:13 +0000 the mail send works with other like "tiscali"
  20. Hi Ofir, thanks for the answer; I know that I can set a BIT using a button in a web server page; also I know that I can dinamicaly pass a String to an hyper link object...and I already tougth ( I have to test this) a way to drive/force the user in some action to be sure that one at time can insert/modify a parameter. Thanks again
  21. Hi Saragani, I found the cause of the problem (obviously my fault); I have wrongly insert one more set of one of these bits, that I use to recall French language, in a wrongly place. I removed this and all works fine. In my previously checks I didn' see it. Sorry if I waste your time.
  22. Hi Giovanny, what you mean?...sorry I don't understood.
  23. hi Rogero, if you want compare two Strings you can use the specific "String compare" module that return true if the two String are equals; in this module you can select if the check has to include the "key sensitive" function or not...otherwise you have the RTC struct that manage the date and time as UINT8 and UINT16 ...then you can do the same ...use the module "equal" in the "compare" group.
  24. hi Saragani, I already sent the project to support; I have the agreement that I also send a video about the issue.
  25. Hi Saragani, I tried many checks; to be clear I always let the three languages selectable ( I don't tried the single one whitout the others included in the project)...also at the moment I don't have translate any text...I saw this (language selected) by the builtin keyboard and the languages shown in the UniApps....I will send the project by mail to the support.
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