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  1. Hello, I have a samba sm43-j-r20 plc using hsc0 connected to the pulse output of a micro motion IFT9703 transmitter. I am supplying 24vdc to the transmitter output as it is passive, same source powering plc, and have been able to simulate and see counts on plc. my problem is that I am seeing extra unwanted pulses when I press buttons I have tied to the inputs and also when ever I engage the output that enables a relay controlling a conveyor motor or any output by that matter. how can i prevent this from occurring so i can see the true pulse output from my transmitter? Thank You
  2. Hello, i have a question regarding the file name in a store dti to file function. i need to create a new file every time i run the function which is set to happen every day at 6am. is there a character restriction in the target file name string? i would like to utilize the dd/mm/yy string that the RTC to ASCII V2 function creates as my file name if possible. at this point i am pre planning a project and do not have a physical controller to test. thanks ricardo
  3. Hello, I wanted to ask if anybody knows how to or has created a "running timer". I have a bit that is going to turn on/off based on a set point. I would like to track how long the bit remains on over a period of a few days. I thought i could use TA timer but it appears that it works only with a loaded preset and counts down from the preset. any suggestions would be very welcomed. thank you RL
  4. Hello Joe, thank you so much for your input, this solves my problem with the greatest of ease and stops my convoluted way of separating the floating digits that i figured out but would take various lines of ladder. in regards decimal point control, i figured out a neat way of doing so. instead of converting a floating point number to a MI/ML using the float convert instructions, i convert the floating number to ascii with the num to ascii function block. with the function block i set result string length to 8 digits, set the result format to float, and i set an MI as my decimal p
  5. Hello, I would like to see if its possible to accomplish what i have in mind. I have an floating point number that i want to display in much bigger fonts that what is available in visilogic software. at the moment i am taking MF2 then converting it to ascii with the num to ascii function block resulting in ML1. i then take ML1 and display it as a variable ascii string. this allows me to control the amount of decimal points i want to see which is the reason for the conversion. Now what i would like to do is take this MF2 and separate all the digits and store them into MI locatio
  6. Hello, i am working with a Vision 120 and a stepper motor trying to have these two devices communicate. The stepper motor can communicate via rs-485 so i have setup my v120 to do so. In my ladder i have initiated com port 2, setup for rs485, 9600 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit and have setup protocol config function block. using protocol send function block i have successfully sent a command to the motor and made it run. Now i am trying to query the motor by sending a query command, i know that the command is correct because i am using hyper terminal to monitor the data and i see the va
  7. Hello, I am new to this forum. I am working with an sm35-j-r20 oplc and would like to configure a HSC to accept pulses from a turbine flowmeter. the oplc is setup for pnp inputs but i believe the pickup i have is npn. which high speed counter wiring diagram should i follow pnp or npn? how would the hardware setup need to be configured to accept this count? thank you, Ricardo L.
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