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  1. Hello, I have a samba sm43-j-r20 plc using hsc0 connected to the pulse output of a micro motion IFT9703 transmitter. I am supplying 24vdc to the transmitter output as it is passive, same source powering plc, and have been able to simulate and see counts on plc. my problem is that I am seeing extra unwanted pulses when I press buttons I have tied to the inputs and also when ever I engage the output that enables a relay controlling a conveyor motor or any output by that matter. how can i prevent this from occurring so i can see the true pulse output from my transmitter? Thank You
  2. Hello, i have a question regarding the file name in a store dti to file function. i need to create a new file every time i run the function which is set to happen every day at 6am. is there a character restriction in the target file name string? i would like to utilize the dd/mm/yy string that the RTC to ASCII V2 function creates as my file name if possible. at this point i am pre planning a project and do not have a physical controller to test. thanks ricardo
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