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  1. Greettings, have there been any development on the construction of a simulator to test new programs or modifications before uploading them to the PLC?
  2. No, I haven't been able to send any email, even without any attachment(only text email), it stills goes to status -4. I'm using Unilogic 1.15. I tried first using a Gmail and then using the Corporative Email, non of them worked and they had the same behaviour. If the issue was an email configuration wouldn't the status be other than attachment error? Also, is there a way in this version to visualize the data tables in the web server?
  3. Hi, I'm getting status 4 while trying to send the alarm log and the data tables via email, I think the issue might be related to the File Name, is this the name that I want to be reflected on the output file(the one to be sent via email) or is this an inside file name?, also I tried sending the Data Sampler but I didn't knew what the folder name was, the folder name for my data table and the alarm log are set automatically
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