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  1. Thank you Flex, I agree with your vision about firmware and software versions and I always try to do the same, only issue was with Visilogic. As I remember once I opened 9.8.9 program in 9.8.31 soft and forgot about the version differences, and it downloaded successfully, without asking firmware update. But then I could not open the program again in 9.8.9.
  2. Hello, I was lately wondering will there appear any problems or synchronization issues when program created in Visilogic 9.8.9 is opened, saved and downloaded into Vision PLC in 9.8.31 version. Or it is recommended to download it in the version of creation (in my case 9.8.9), i ask this question because in one of our work stations there is issue with Visilogic, version swapper usually gives errors and only reinstallation of Visilogic is helpful. So we open all our project in the newest version we used (9.8.31), but i ve been afraid to download the program changes in this version.
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