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  1. Thank you Flex, I agree with your vision about firmware and software versions and I always try to do the same, only issue was with Visilogic. As I remember once I opened 9.8.9 program in 9.8.31 soft and forgot about the version differences, and it downloaded successfully, without asking firmware update. But then I could not open the program again in 9.8.9.
  2. Hello, I was lately wondering will there appear any problems or synchronization issues when program created in Visilogic 9.8.9 is opened, saved and downloaded into Vision PLC in 9.8.31 version. Or it is recommended to download it in the version of creation (in my case 9.8.9), i ask this question because in one of our work stations there is issue with Visilogic, version swapper usually gives errors and only reinstallation of Visilogic is helpful. So we open all our project in the newest version we used (9.8.31), but i ve been afraid to download the program changes in this version. Is there any considerations or it is allowed to do it ? Thank you
  3. Hello, I operate 3 way control valve with 0...10V signal with analog output of IO-AI4AO2. I linearize 0...100% signal from PID out to 0...4095 bit to analog output. When PID signal is 0 and output is 0, i measure voltage in AO0 of IO-AI4AO2 and there is 9,3 V, when i give 100% signal, there is 14,4V on the output. Obviously valve does not operate properly. One more curious thing is that when PID out signal is more than 0, fault LEDs on the module start blinking ( AO short circuit and AI out of range) with specific frequency, like once in 5 seconds lets say analog input 0 goes to high limit value. What could be the problem? Could it be some noise? Thank you in advance guys.
  4. Hi Guy, Yes, thats what i am talking about. When i select Last received phone number option, then PLC replies only to 2 of 3 operators. When third operator sends the command, PLC doesnt respond, but when i select to reply to operators specific phone number it works well. So i was wondering mby the problem hides in OS version, cuz i checked everything and havent found a solution.
  5. Hello i use Vision V350 for data acquisition and alarm system via SMS messaging. I have 3 phone numbers in my config. When operator needs to know the status of the variables he sends the command message and V350 answers it via GSM modem. Logically it should be like operator sends the request and PLC replies to this exact operator, so i set send SMS to Last Received Number. For two of the numbers it worked well, but for third PLC didnt send back the message. Modem busy bit was active for some time and suddenly reset too early. dont know is it the issue with the number itself or anything else, but i had to make sure that the message comes to the operator, so i made it the way as if anyone sends the request the reply comes to all 3 operators. And it works well, but this algorythm is not good, as the messages bother people who didnt send the request and it is just too many messages. I could not find any solution for long time and the problem is that this PLC is 100km away from office, so i dont go there very often. Then i noticed in SMS configuration there is a check box "OS 3.7.1 and higher". Is it VisiLogic version meant by this? And if my Visilogic is 9.8.9 and the box is not checked, could that be a reason for the failure? Or could you give other suggestions please? Thanks
  6. First of all its s/mm, sorry. I have 1% deadband for opening and for closing. It is not possible to measure the total time for opening and closing right now, because it is very low temperature outside and if i completely close the valve it is critical for the process, as it is district heating hot water pipe and the valve is very slow. Now after reseting the pid and virtual position 1 week ago, the valve operates well and there is no problem. Implementing your part of the programm is good idea, i will try it and see how it will go. Thank you both Ausman and Isakovic for help
  7. Yes Aus, i was totally dependent on virtual position, without calibrating the value. I think your idea with auxiliary switch somewhere close to the operating area could be very useful. Do the valve moves the same distance while the output is active for 1 minute or when the output is active 20 pulses of 5 seconds with lets say 1 second gap? What do you mean by switch trip?
  8. As i understood you do not use end switches in your valve, so it is very important to have correct PID output range (according to valve actuating time as you mentioned before). The thing is that if PID out goes to 0 and virtual position will follow it very fast, it still doesnt guarantee that the valve is in the right place. And one more question. Why is it important to use pulse output with a gap between the pulses? is it better for the valve mechanism? I only use output as long as it needed without pulses. Thank you
  9. Hello everobody! 3 months ago i had finally launched 3 way valve 3 point control as was recommended by Isakovic, implementing virtual position. The problem i faced was the difference between nominal actuating time (8mm/s, with 40mm nominal stroke=320s) and actual actuating time, which appeared to be more than that. The issue was that when outside temperature was very low and water temperature set point was very high, PID was giving CV output 100% which in case of my actuator was set to 3200 (10msec) max PID output. But valve was opened only about 80% and PV was not able to reach SP. I increased PID MAX output to 4000 and it seemed to be working well, but virtual position was always a bit bigger than actual and never correct. I had to calibrate it few times. But one day PID stoped working giving status 5 (set point change in progress) and output went to 0. When i fully opened the valve manually, i calibrated the virtual position again to 100% and so far it works, but i am afraid that it is temporary. Could you please advice me how can i change my system to avoid the control of the valve by virtual position? Thank you! Vamal...
  10. Thanks Aus, i did not mention that i also copy Visilogi_C and rename it according to the latest installed version, as you suggested. Only thing i did not do, i did not run installation files as admin. I always use Swapper which is in latest installed Visilogic pack in Visilogic_C folder. Should i try to reinstall everything as an admin and which Swapper should i use? Thank you
  11. Thank you Joe, Aus and Flex. Very useful info. Tried it today, everything stayed!
  12. Hello, I faced a problem when i was downloading a project to Vision V570. V570 already had existing project inside and i was downloading the same project but with few changes. When download process had started pop-up window appeared with the following statement: existing project differs from the project you are trying to download. It is recommended to initialize PLC after download. Note: it will erase all the register values. Then it asks yes or no (sorry i wrote this statement in my own words as i didnt make photo, but the meaning is the same). Does it mean that if i press yes, it will initialize the PLC or it will ask again in the end of download? I was afraid to press yes cuz it is not acceptable to drop all the registers to 0. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I have installed many versions of Unitronics in my work PC as my company have controllers with different Visilogic versions programs. It came out that only version 9.8.31 works correctly. When i swap from 9.8.31 to 9.8.22 and then 9.8.22 to 9.8.9 it gives me following messages: Load 15Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal Run-time error'91': Object variable or With block variable not set Run-time error'5': Invalid procedure call or argument Load 12Type mismatch Run-time error'13': Type mismatch Run-time error'9': subscript out of range I have found old forum topic about run-time error'9', where it is suggested to install Microsoft MDAC and JetDB from Unitronics CD, but i latest CD i have is 7.01 version and i couldnt find JetDB there at all. Maybe these programs could be downloaded from net or is it necessary at all? (here is the topic from old forum http://www.unitronics.com/forum_old/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1195) NB! I run all the programs as Administrator! Please help me with a good advice or any info, thank you.
  14. In my case, Aus, i have a plant where is an old PLC and i have to change it with V570, the principle of the customer is that it worked with old PLC and it has to work with the new one, without any replacement. The process is 24/7 non-stop, it is a district heating gas boiler house. The idea with 2 DO seams logical in case if the actuator does not move exactly as fast as it was designed to. Thx mate
  15. Thank you for your suggestion Aus. In my case though i have no chance to change the valve and i must work with what i have. And ATM the valve only has 2DIs for the open and close commands, Probably buying and additional AO module for the valve may make it simpler. What do you think?
  16. I use the valve Belimo AV230-3, here s the data sheet http://www.novreczky.eu/belimo/pdf/av2303.pdf And yes it has 2 outputs: one for opening and one for closing.
  17. I have seen the example, thank you. So it is not necessary to actually have a physical feedback from the valve? i do not really understand how to implement the virtual position.
  18. Hello, My task is to control 3 way control valve in the boiler house to reach desired water temperature in the boiler house output. I have a 3 way valve with 3 point control, means that it has 1 digital input for closing and 1 for opening. Before i had another project with analogue control (0-10V) and i used PID autotune FB to send a signal to the valve according to ambient temperature. With 3 point control should i use PID autotune output as PWM FB's duty cycle or is it otherwise? Face with this type of valve first time, hope for advice, thank you.
  19. Hello, I have new V570, i uploaded a program with nets to read registers from heat meter, Probably i made some mistake with COM initialization, now i cant download a program or view the PLC in online mode. I have completely no clue how to fix it or reset PLC. Please help me, i cant attach attach my program, because its 20KB bigger than the limit (( Thank you.
  20. In my country we use ";" as a delimiter. I tried to use delimiters HEX 28 and 29 which are ( and ) but did not give a result. Check my project subroutine SD configuration, net 5, Would be easier than words. The way it is right now, it doesnt display brackets in .csv file. Thank you! GJJ.vlp
  21. Hello, I use SD card to log process variables to CSV file. For each file i first create CSV row with constant text to create collumn titles. I have to pressure values in my project, so when I try to name the column as P1 (bar), brackets are not displayed in CSV file, so the result is just P1 bar, is it a property of CSV file or a property of Visilogic? Maybe i need to use a specific delimiter to be able to use brackets? Please give me an advice. Thank you!
  22. I just tried it and it returns. And, sorry my bad, it is not read error bit 2 is Can't open file. The strange thing is that everything logs fine, alarms and csv file. Could it be because I also log a row in CSV when alarm occurs, so it logs alarm history and it logs row at the same time? But when I disabled that write row to CSV when the error occurs, it still shows the same status. What can be the problem ?
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