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  1. Done it ... I only needed power factor ... (address 10 in klea manual) In attached file is example that works if anyone needs... Best regards maharadza Modbus Master Jazz RS485.U90
  2. Well I got 2 integers 16bit Example I read voltage on klea 117.3 V Jazz reads 1st integer:17130 2nd integer:-23276 1st integer convert to binary is 0100001011101010 2nd integer covert to binary is 1010010100010100 When put togather that is 32bit number 01000010111010101010010100010100 First bit is sign,then eight exponent bits and 23 mantisa bits Formula for calculate is here http://sandbox.mc.edu/~bennet/cs110/flt/ftod.html and for example above I get 117.32242 Now I have to put this formula in ladder ... and it will be dificult ... hope will get solution
  3. Is my ladder program ok? MJ20-RS 485 port A is connected to A of klea device and B of MJ20-RS is connected to B of klea device. Baud rate od klea device is 19200 and ID of device is 1.
  4. Hi tnx for fast response. This is link for klea (klemsan) device. http://www.klemsan.com.tr/SF/1572/Klea_ENG_27112013.pdf I need to read PF (power factor) at address 12 for regulation excitacion current of synchronous generator. (Adress 12) Can I convert float to intergers? Low precision will work also ... I set ID of klea device to 1 and baud rate 19200. Can you give me some example for modbus communication that will suit my example ... I found one example on forum and modified it, but dont works. MI 10,MI 11,MI 12,MI13 dont receive values from (address 0 in klea device) when press 1 on PLC... I do something wrong here. Example is attached example.U90
  5. I need to establish communication betwwen jazz (master) and energy analyzer-klea as slave using RS-485. Model of jazz is JZ10-11-UA24 with MJ20-RS. I need to read float value in klea starting addres 0 (Average voltage of three phases) I am newbie with unitronics and modbus ... Tnx in advance for any help. In attached files are: 1-klea modbus function 2-data adress in klea 3-example in klea
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