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  1. Thanks Joe. We'll test with that solution. The thing we don't understand is why it's only happening with one of both PLCs as their installations are equal. As well, it's disconcerting the fact that only the screen seems to be affected.
  2. Hello all, Recently we performed an installation of 2 PLCs model SM43-J-R20 (both containing the same program and updated to the last OS) to control 2 oil boilers. A few days ago, our customer reported the following problem from only one of them: Sometimes, one of the PLCs shows a backlighted black screen (as seen in the attached picture). However, the process in the PLC seems not to be affected since it keeps running. Then, if they restart the PLC, it works well. (Note that the PLC has been powered ON for hours when this happens). We replaced the PLC with a new one with no results
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