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  1. Hello, I will be wonder if anyone is possible to answer me the next question. Is it possible to get a value from internet, like mmm, example a coin value in real time and transfer this value to the plc, and use it in the program with it? For example, we get the real value of the USD versus EURO then if USD > EURO, then the PLC activate alarm, it USD < EURO, then activate an icon in the HMI PLC Regards, Thanks
  2. Hello, I am currently working in a project with expansion modules IO-DI8-TO8/RO8. All my expansion is full I have 8, could I change one of the IO-DI8-TO8/RO8 for one IO-DI16 to increase the inputs number? Thanks,
  3. Hi Ausman, Basically I am checking and improving. I working with a input which is refreshed each 2 seconds by a pulse. KR,
  4. Hi, I finally solved my problem with these ladder logic. I will test tomorrow the performance. I know I can delete some elements but I prefer add all the blocks and check the process one by one. Now my question is how to convert a Memory Float in seconds to hours, minutes, seconds. KR,
  5. Hi, Cheers for your answer and the detail of 2 sec, the problem for the signal configuration it is because by default if you have a shut down the flow meter read, (Flow and Pulse). Then my question is there how to introduce the pulse in my programming, like a high speed input? or a normal input? KR
  6. Hi, This actually what I finally thought about how to convert from m3/h to m3 in a refreshing range of 100ms. So basically if it works like I think the sb7 works. Linearization 4-20mA to 0-1181m3/h Scan each 100ms if the proccess botton is close do the next routine each 100ms: Flow rate in m3/h to m3/100ms Summation the current value+the previous value Volume requiered-Summation=Volume Remaining When Volume remaining <= 0 then activate routine finish delivery and open the process botton I am not actually sure about how this sb7 works. I will be wonder for anysuggestion, thanks for your help. Regards,
  7. Hi, Sorry I mean analog input, one is a pulse and the other one is a normal 4-20mA. Yes I would like to check each 0.1s the volume so is refreshing each 100 ms. KR,
  8. Hello, I am currently checking an installation of a Flow meter model: Hoffer HIT-2A. I would like to calculate in my PLC the Volume flowing at real time. This kind of valve has 2 outputs, 4-20 mA for the Flow Meter and a Pulse with 62.5 msec signal. Should I create a High speed input or can I use the next structure for the Volume Calculation in real time. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi Joe, Basically, I have all my digital inputs full and I need to add a new one for an alarm which is 0 or 1, I supposed I need to test the current when the alarm is on and make an interval to consider this MI like an MB inside the program. KR,
  10. Hi Sirs, There is anyway to convert an analog input to a digital input? KR,
  11. Dear Sirs, I am trying to set up Alarms, and reset all of them but I have got some issues, today is 12/07/2016 but my alarms are showing another date. Thanks .
  12. I have attached the program in this like, is like a littler simulator, but it does not work. I do not know how this bits are on. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2KvxQP-uoqGRksyWUNRZGRoQ00/view?usp=sharing
  13. Hi Sirs, I rethink all the ladder logic, I would like to ask you if you notice at first look anything wrong, with ladder logic's LOGIC I have the next pieces working. I am going to start working with a normal routine(Basic), generator 1 Day, generator 2 Night, generator 3 Standby and a transformer which is the main one. I am simulating this program with bits instead with inputs and outputs. I have the next componets: Generator 1 start is MB5 Generator 2 start is MB6 Generator 3 start is MB7 Phase failure rele transformer is MB0 Phase failure rele Gen 1 is MB10 Phase failure rele Gen 2 is MB11 Phase failure rele Gen 3 is MB12 Breaker Switch Transformer is MB1 Breaker Switch Gen1 is MB2 Breaker Switch Gen2 is MB3 Breaker Switch Gen3 is MB4 Gen routine BIT MB8 PFR House MB9 BUSBAR Alarm MB13 This is my program idea, I will performance and I will simulate. Could anyone say me if there is some confict condition with ladder logic in this program? Thanks
  14. Hi Sirs, Do you recommend me any logic with this plc to do time cycles? It is very tedious implement the code, even with one routine. KR,
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