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  1. Hi, I got another probem recently, my usb port connection is lost totally look this picture, when i try to verify. Thanks.
  2. Hello, PLC is V700, with visilogic. Port 25. The server is identified by CMD Windows like smtp. I read a lot of posts and is not possible through gmail. The problem is when I insert the command STARTTLS in CMD. I do not know what do you mean with the email server connecting with a static IP address. Do you refer in ladder program? or in CMD windows. Thanks
  3. Hello, S pratt, No, I do not want that, I want the opposite case, all routines ON, then if there is any alarm in anysection (Water plant, Tank Plant, Generators plant), the alarm come up. My question is if all MB, MI, O, I are activate even their routine is not called. Thank you,
  4. Hello, Anyone has got initialized emails between PLC and a remote mail server or local? In this case, could you recommend me any remote mail server, which have no problems, because I tried with google, yahoo,... even encrypted google remote server, but the security is still there. Thank you
  5. Hi S pratt, I did not lose any bit now, I doble checked the ladder, and I solved, I only have a question about HMI jumps, for example in my program I have this sections: Diesel Fuel & Transfer System Generators Water Tank Each one is one HMI, but all of them are important, so the PLC reads all the values or only read the values of the currently routine. Because for example the main HMI is Diesel Fuel & Transfer System, but if this HMI is displaying and there is a problem in Water plant the problem come up even if I do not call Water plant subroutine? Thanks
  6. Here is the Flowchart which I want to improve in the subroutines and HMI. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2KvxQP-uoqGVjJWcXRXODJEYjQ/view?usp=sharing For example, I will explain what is happeing with my currently program. PLC Switch ON then Ethernet module ON and HMI Fuel Transfer ON then HMI Fuel Transfer Switch ON -->load Subroutine Fuel Transfer-->Inside this subroutine Alarms Subroutine is loaded. Then all HMI jump with bottons and each one load Alarm subroutine and the subroutine for each HMI The problem: I lose MB, MI valuse when I jump between screens. My knowledge in unitronics come from 1 month ago, I am improving almost functions but I still have problems with routines I do not know how the Unitronics' PLC works. Thank you
  7. Hello, I have a V700 connectiong to an expansion adapter EX-A2X with an IO D16A3-RO16. I have several questions: -All the ground connections are connecting to the same one? -The Extention should be set up with FBs in the ladder program? Thanks
  8. I fix the alarms routine, the problem was an "or" ladder distribution. Anyway I have a question, How to set up all values in all routines, for example, I have 6 screens, but the bits lose between transition of HMI, I know that it is about routines, but I try to set up subroutines, but idle state come to my PLC. Thanks
  9. Hello, S pratt I tried your modification, but it still does not work. I realise that MI 30 and 31 start in 1 and I dont know why. Thanks
  10. Of course, Thanks, s pratt you were very helpfull last time. Finally I got all the states and more screens, etc. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2KvxQP-uoqGU3B0R2tLenNOQTQ/view?usp=sharing Now I am improving, webserver and data table. But my question is about alarms, because I try my alarms one week ago and it worked right, but now I do not know where the error coming. Thanks you
  11. I have a big question, what do you suggest me, keep all the entrance data in subroutine or separate? I think I have this problem with alarms. Thanks
  12. Hello, I have a problem with alarm, anyone knows why my alarm screen is empty, and there is one alarm active, and alarms dont work. Thank you
  13. I trying do that to change between 2 screens the main one and other one which has a timer to return to the main one, the problem is the time which blink my main screen if I press manually the manual return botton from the subscreen. http://subefotos.com/ver/?b366fccc7cfd82e6fcf46e64b68f8208o.png
  14. Hi everybody, Anybody know how to stop a timer when it is running. For example, I want to jump to other screen, and I have to ways with a timer to jump to this HMI or use a button which help to jump to the screen, the problem is if I do manually with button the timer is still running and the screen blinks, I would like to avoid this blink. Thanks
  15. I changed all, but my picture does not change properly, I put a new FB for HMI "Refresh" with this one works but only one picture the rest is not refreshed. I am trying to call this subroutines at the same time, but If I need to select order. First is Fuel & Transfer System and at the same time Alarms, and If I change the screen Power Plant is on at the same time that Alarms. I always need Alarms. Henny, I do not know the result, because the time cycle its so sort to know, I do not know if we could check, creating an MI to storage different values in each subroutines (storage 1 in MI for Fuel & Transfer System, 2 for Power Plant and 3 Alarms), and then look which is the last storage for MI, then you can check if the last subroutine is the your last one in your ladder call. I am sorry I am newbie, I have Ideas but I will try to improve my knowledge in Unitronics.
  16. What I am trying to do is this Cycle. http://subefotos.com/ver/?ed56fc8854cbe06920de8f92bb66dd16o.jpg
  17. The picture is here I forgot added in the early post. http://subefotos.com/ver/?44a1338c2c1a18fbcac0dce402e351cfo.png
  18. I create three buttons to simulate swithes. These buttons are in the red square. I am referring to a sounder which I draw in the HMI inside the yellow square. This Sounder has three states as you can she in the net called Alarm graphics: State 1-- is linked with: (WHITE state) Analog input by range 0-218 OR switch 2 --> button 2 is pulse OR switch 3 --> button 3 is pulse State 2-- is linked with: (YELLOW state) Analog input by range 219-243 OR switch 1 --> button 1 is pulse State 3-- is linked with: (RED state) Analog input by range 244-260Then depend of the state it is storage in MI13 which is linked with a by point picture in the HMI. The main problem is the picture does not refresh properly and if I change the HMI, the screen refres to initial state.
  19. I try this things but I still have the same problem, I will show you my program, The MI13 is linked with a by point picture in the HMI with 3 states, http://subefotos.com/ver/?ee431cbe889ee3eceea5a6888f17c285o.png And the subroutines is being called: http://subefotos.com/ver/?7f882cd2fa5456c64f45c51e0bf39888o.png I add my program anyway https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2KvxQP-uoqGTTJxQ001X1ZjM3c/view?usp=sharing Thanks a lot
  20. Thanks, I did not realize about it. I am newbie sorry. I have another question, for example when I set up botton 1,2,3 in the Diesel Fuel & transfer system, the alarm change, but when I change of HMI the alarm forgot the state. Any suggestion?
  21. Yes of course, I will attach my program, in the picture you can see a red circule, this one is suppose to blink. It blinks but not normal. I do not know how to upload a file in the forum, anyway I will upload in google drive. Here is my project. I upload because I have two more questions which I am trying to solve. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2KvxQP-uoqGTTJxQ001X1ZjM3c/view?usp=sharing Thanks a lot
  22. Hello again, I found a problem in my configuration when I set up my program, the storage does not refresh properly, then my pictures do not change. Please take a look: http://thumbs.subefotos.com/e92d601e1c102de8f3dbeb6052192602o.jpg Thanks
  23. I set up a alarm program with a alarm blink, the problem is, the alarm blinks weird.
  24. I think you should try the function utils/clock/rtc-utc I am newbie, I do not know if it is helpfull for you. Or in strings, there are a few options like Rtc-ASCII.
  25. For example, in the sounder that I mentioned before I have another problem, when I set different pictures for each state, sometimes the picture does not work properly and stay in the previous state, but when i change the range again change properly.
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