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  1. hi some one for help i us protocol TCP/IP to communicate with device i send from PLC V570 message device receive and send message but PLC not ibol to read message. thanks
  2. hi alex thank you for your unswer but i cant use this because same time i have result in minus
  3. heloo i have problem with calculed BC= AB x sin a i need resulta in degrees i have plc V700
  4. thank you acsely i found solution for may problem i change seting of can initialize ( baud rate) i go form 57600 to 38400 . now i receive messege from all devices if some one want see my programme i dont have problem to send
  5. hi cantcliff i cant us RS-485 because my devices dont have this option
  6. Hello i have problem with communication RS232 i us PLC v1210 i need communicate with 10 different device problem that i cant receive message from all all time i receive from device number 1. 3. 5. 7. 9 i dont know where is the problem ?
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