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  1. Nice to meet U Pavel, I ve cooperated really good with comanies from Slovenia. I bue VFDs from INEA (Mitsubishi) also Unitronics from Tipteh ( I belive it is Slovenisn company too).
  2. Alex is right. Pavel, look in the help files. I was partly familiar with keep alive ( Look my previous posts, a few years ago I learnt it with a help of forum) and I Just listed nearby SIs. When I found what I had been looking for, looked into help files to confirm my thoughts. Pavel, I come from Smederevo, Serbia. 😀 Cheers
  3. Thanks for advice, I found out "keep alive" and "keep master connection", now it works. I also slowed down data transmision one write command per 1 sec pulse ( I don't need more).
  4. I ve performed modbus tcp successfuly! I should do it at first lol. Still I dont know why raw scan block failed but let it not work Now I am going to do some improvements. I need master to auto reconnect after conection is broken. Example shows the socket connection line with necessery conditions but it is limited to connect only once. Can I remove the connect request contact at the begining and the reset coil at the end. I tried setting SB 168 to 1. I thought it would automaticaly reconnect if I for exampele disconnect the ethernet cable and again connect it but it did not. Any suggestions how to reconnect . It is not sutable to manualy reset V130 each time connection is broken. Regards, Z
  5. I know, there are many solutions. Maybe I oversized a case. But the story is even more complex. My first duty is to menage electrical instalations meinteinace in the waterworks of whole city and 10 vilages around it. Due to lack of plc programmers, I have to build and mentein by myself. Each facility of 54 should be equiped with Ip video survailance in the near future. So the propper internet link is installed to support remote survailance and it can be used to monitor proces too. I achived to bild 11 systems with Just 4 components installed in Each system- V130 with ethernet card, EX-A2X and AI4AO2 so far. I AM not going to install New equipmemt if I don t have to. Cheers
  6. No, there is not. Naturaly, tank is situated at high grounds and the well at low. Distance is about 1,2 km.
  7. Communicstion is performed through internet. Each Lan has its own ruter with static IP adress. Also socket 0 sttings is alredy dedicated to simple Web server using port 80. Socket 1 settings have to be default to support remote operating and maintenance (port 20256). Remain sockets 2 and 3 have to be used. I don t need 2 masters. Only 1 is needed and it have to constantly write 2 MIs to slave. For future apps I ll need one more slave with same task but for now it is one. Backstory: water tank (master) reqests filling or filling pause from a well (slave) or two. Unfortunately trere is no fiber optics not any cable connescting tank and well, gprs or 3g is una wailable, so Adsl over publc telephone net is installed.
  8. At first I ment to do the MODBUS TCP but It seemed to me that tcp raw was easier. But obviously I ll have to try it. But before I try, I need some answers. My V130s are curently on my desktop and are connected into same local network. But once the applications are comleted, they should be installed into two different lans. Communication must be performed through lan routhers. What should be defined in master modbus config. for slave - (IP and port number). Also what ports routhers should forward.
  9. Stuck again ! Each time TCP Raw Scan FB is activated os error screen Ive posted before apears. Does anyone know if this FB has some problems? Or how to controll it. Ive used tcp raw exemple from help to build the communication between 2 V130 s. It is quite simple, but complicated to me because I am lack of communication knowledge. I just need to constanly read 2 MIs (4 bytes) from one PLC and store to another using TCP raw protocol (or another one if you gentlemen suggests so) (procedure 7E means nothing - it is ran before scan FB is activated) Please help.
  10. Caused by uncontroled ethernet raw scan block - Resolved Thanks All
  11. Also, when load a blanc application there is no OS error anymore! The other older application works too. Something is wrong with application but I dont know what!
  12. Hi, Thank you gentlemen for trying help me, Some more symptomes: I ve updated Visilogic to a newist verision, then updated OS and downloaded to PLC. And with no success. When I tried to "Find Sub by Ladder Error Code" visilogic presented a comon subrutine wich is used to count pulses (flowmeter totalizer). I don t know if something about subrutine is incomatible with new os or enything else but it is working on few other older aplications and it was just copied to this one. As the maater affact The whole application is built based on the older one. here is the sub
  13. After updating os I ve got te screen as in the attacment. I can comunicate with V130, and download the application but can t run it. I ve tried to reload OS again with uudated visilogic and again with no success. I am building aplication for local waterworks. Please help! Regards, Z.Matic B.Sc EE
  14. I ve applied advised settings. During last 24h there haven t been any permanent link breaks. It seems the problem is solved. Thanks!
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