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  1. hello, I tried it on my desk PC but I get the same error message. I use an usb-serial converter from ICIDU type C-707607 The programm cable is MJ10-22CS10 from unitronics and the number on the MJ20-PRG is SN:LH02F08PT. I have borrowed the PLC and cables from a friend to try this PLC out. So the PLC and cable do function by my friend. On my deskPC and laptop run windows7 64bit. I also disabled UAC.
  2. Hello, I'm new with the unitronix PLC's and have a Jazz JZ10-11-R16 for testing. I use a laptop where I installed the U90 ladder softwar. I installed and USB to Com converter and the pc find this device ad comport 3 I have set comport 3 as described in the manual : baudrate 9600, parity even, stopbits 1, data bits 7, flowcontrol none I also set these values in the operating system of U90 and in the M90 OPLC serttings including comportnumber. when I try to communicate with the jazz in the window at the bottom of th screen shows : Synchronizing Com Ports, after 3 try's of synchronizing it
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