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  1. Hello, I have very strange problem with V570 display All HMI elements are mirrored without any reason Do you have any solution for this ??? Best wishes, eng. Nikola Gramatikov
  2. Hello, I remove MB28 as a condition for write system log and split the nets and now everything works. Yes my data changes evey 15minutes and I write/append this raw to the sd card Why is better to use a RTC time for this. I cannot understand ?!?! Best wishes, eng. Nikola Gramatikov
  3. Hello, I'm try to write more than one dt to sd card. I cannot doit. Any ideas ??? I attach the ledder. I'm writing a one raw each 15 minutes than i want to append it to sd card It works but only for the first DT Best wishes, eng. Nikola Gramatikov
  4. Hello, I need a proposal how to make TA for more than 99h. Simple to have a service hours counter for blowers or etc. When the blower starts - timer starts. When it stops - timer stops. I'll be glad if you have any ideas Best wishes, eng. Nikola Gramatikov
  5. OK I will contact the support. PS: Theres nothing in Program Data >> Unitronics\UniLogic\Temp\
  6. Hello, Sorry but i was traveling and now seeng the post. There is nothing in appdata folders - there is no temp folder and etc. except RecentFiles.xml, UserOptions.xml Lets arange some remote sesion to see whats going on. (write me on PM Best wishes, eng. Nikola Gramatikov
  7. Hello, I have very strange problems starting UniLogic 1.17 Rev 58/ I use windows 10. The program stucks on "Loading Components". I tried to reinstall it couple of times + tried to install older version - The same issue. where is the problem? please help. Best wishes, eng. Nikola gramatikov
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