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  1. Hello everybody, Im wondering if you could help me. Im currently doing a project using the V570 and need some help. What im trying to do is setup a login screen were you would have to scan a barcode made specifically for an operator to allow said operator to acess the work screen. My own idea on how to do this would be to save the barcode into the PLCs memory and then use a Comparison function block so when the barcode scans a different barcode, it won't register it but if it scans the same barcode, it will operate and proceed to the next screen. So i suppose what im asking is, is there a way to store a particular barcode into the system and use it as an input? Is the soultion i've discribed above suitable as a login system? I am familer enough ladder logic and fuction blocks but i'm a total novice working with unitronics, Visilogics and barcode scanners systems, so any help would be amazing. Thanks!, Dan P.S. the barcode scanner i'm using is a Metrologic 7120 Orbit barcode scanner incase that has any revelance, Thanks for reading!
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