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  1. Thanks Joe I wll purchasng a 32GB card and try again.
  2. Hello All, my first time posting on the site. I am trying to formate a 64GB ScanDisk Ultra card, and the SC Card Suite indicates that the format failed But when i look at the card this is what see. It looks like the Suite put something on the card, I am not sure if this indicates the card was indeed formated.
  3. Hello Alex The Data sheet you linked is correct, The full model number of the RTD is 02A00D1 2611B-5.5 ...if i am reading the model numbers correct...the 2A would indicate that it is a 200 ohm unit. Thank You Sir. I believe you have solved my problem .
  4. Hello All I am trying to get a Weed Instrument 611 RTD to give me a Temperature reading of a Caustic Solution, The Manufactures Information says "Quote" ( Current: A Continues current of 20 mA (RMS) and a short term pulsed current of 40 mA (RMS) shall not Damage the sensor. Standard Operating current 1 to 4 mA ) So with this information I concluded the the Jumpers need to be set on Current and the Output needs to be a mA setup..I have tried 0-20 and 4-20 with no results. I have 24V going to OV and V2 on the 24VDC Analog I/O connection and wired the RTD per the PT100 layout in the instr
  5. Hello UniGuru I have a HMI Button linked to MB 7, I then have a Direct Contact tied to MB 7 then linked to the Call Subroutine function in the main ladder, In the Subroutine I have Direct Contacts 3 of them tied to MB 7 linked to Direct Coils that are associated to my Outputs.
  6. Hello All I am calling a subroutine from the main and have two outputs linked to a button on the HMI screen.When i push the button, the two contacts and Output Coils energize but when i release the button the contacts turn off but the Output coils stay on. i have tried several combinations of contacts and coils...whenever i can get the output coils to energize they wont turn off. What i am trying to do is...when i push the HMI button i need the outputs to energize as long as i hold the button on...then turn off when i release the button.
  7. Thanks AlexUT... that works...I linked the Start button to the Next Step function..now how do i make the next step only advance one step? when i touch the Start button(link to next step) it will advance 2,3,or more steps before I get my finger off the button.
  8. How do I keep the Drum from running at PLC power up? I am using a V 700 with 18-E3-XB module. When i power up the unit, it automatically runs the Drum sequencer without any start buttons being pushed. I have tried linking the direct contact in front of the drum scanner to the start button, Tried indirect contacts. Coils or every kind. changing the MB settings, even removed the contact from the ladder and left the scan FB hanging in the ladder without any connection, when i did that it still started all by its self but only ran the First line of the drum...Ahhhh... Im new to the ladder logic/pr
  9. Hello all, I am new to the Forum as well as Programming. I am creating a ladder program and using timers to fire Solenoid Valves for various times...I am Building a Keg Washer for a Micro Brewery. I have attached a word doc. showing one of the ladders...my Question is. Am i using the right Coil type (TD) to fire the fire the solenoid then reset when the Subroutine is ran again? Does the Ladder i created look right? The total program has 10 subroutines...and i want the ladders to move from routine to routine until all 10 are complete then go back to the first routine and wait until the cyc
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