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  1. You are totally right! I just imported the txt file to excel and the structure is the way I wanted. Nice, thanks a bunch! One more thing tho, any suggestions how to add a header row to the txt file? I tried to add a header row using SB2 in the beginning of the Main Routine, did not work. The header row got overwritten in the routine, where I write the values. I thought it opens the file, writes the header, leaves the pointer there and when I later want to write more then it will start from the pointer. So, append is the word im looking for. Any suggestions?
  2. Hey, i did write one line in the file. The last value had a delimiter of CR and LF. Attached a picture of the setup. http://postimg.org/image/47tghgbsx/ http://postimg.org/image/9bps2rt8h/ http://postimg.org/image/vxv3fi6yp/
  3. Hey once again, I got another problem and cant figure out why is this happening. I want to write 30 values to a txt file in CSV format. The values are being written but the carriage return does not work (or so I think atleast). It writes the stuff on the next line, but no in the beginning of the line. I attached a txt file and part of the vlp file as a picture (original file was too large to be uploaded). Maybe someone can suggest me anything. Thanks in advance, T Cant add more than 60kB, will add when the post gets reviewed. LOG.TXT
  4. Thanks for the reply ! I guess I have ti create separate display then
  5. Hi guys, I need some advice. I want to touch a temperature variable and want a trend (how did the temp change) to pop up on the screen on top of other variables. Is it possible to bring variables/trends infront of anything else? If not, how should I continue to achive this goal? Cheers, T
  6. An update: The PLC recieved only the 0x23 aka '#', which is supposed to be the start of the text byte. Numbers of bytes recieved stays at 0. Did I understood correctly that the PLC converts the recieved ASCII into a DECIMAL value? So If I send a 0x05 then it converts to it to ENQ (enquiry) ? Update during writing of this post: I sent 0x23 0x05 0x50 0x05 0x50 0x05 0x50 0x05 0x50 0x2B and the PLC displayed "*P*P*P*PP". Changed SCAN protocol variable to Stream with a vector length of 5 and convert 2 bytes to one linked element. EDIT: FB protocol was all about sending ASCI
  7. Hello, I want to send 8 bytes of data from a microcontroller to the PLC and display it. I am using a V1040 with a V200-18-E5B snap-in module. I am using MAX232DW IC to convert UART to RS232 from the MCU. At the moment the MCU is sending the following bytes 1 time per second: 0x23 0x05 0x50 0x05 0x50 0x05 0x50 0x05 0x50 0x2B The first byte 0x23 is the start byte and the last byte 0x2B is the end message byte. Do I have to include the start and end byte in the message length? And do I need to do something with the DTR and DSR signals of the RS232 connector? At the moment I am us
  8. Hello, I got a V1040 with a V200-18-E5B expansion module. Is it okay to power the V1040 from a PC power supply using -12 and +12V connections to get 24V ? I did not find any info in the datasheet if negative voltage for POWER- is allowed. Anyone? Thanks in advance!
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