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  1. No, but I tried to update program generted by 125 on firmware generated by 106. The databaseversions is 82 and 100 but does not protest when updating on PLC
  2. What is the coding on Version in Unilogic? a) When do we need to install New firmware? Can we read this from Unilogic Version? b) I delivered a program made with Unilogic 1.31.106. My customer updated the program on the PLC with 1.31.125. What happens if I now try to install again with 1.31.106? Will I get an error?
  3. Is there a way to update applications in Unistream PLC by using memory stick? LIke updating firmware?
  4. I pressed the wrong screen size in UniApps and cannot reset it to 800x480?
  5. Ok. We had no problem when using Vendor Specific Objects and use only registers in communication. Not what we wanted, but we learn something new all the time
  6. I am trying to connect a US5-B10-B1 to an Omron NJ101-9000 with Ethernet IP. The US5 is adapter with structs for O2T and T2O. I have tested it between two UNistream PLC's and it works perfect. Today the customer came to test it on an Omron and nothing communicates. The Omron is set as scanner. He claims that they have had trouble earlier with this setup and must use Vendor Specific Objects to communicate. I monitor the connection bit on my adapter, but nothing happens. Tips? Must an EDS-file be used on Omron? My testfile is enclosed Test_EthernetIP (1).ulpr
  7. I want to save the 500 last integer values to SD from a continous running trend or stack when certain criteria happens. How? (Unilogic). Can I use buffer?
  8. Hello Is it possible to access (read/write) MB and MI directly by a sequence sent to USB-port from external device (i.e. Arduino serial pin)
  9. I want to send information via ModbusIP between 3 PLC's (One V570 with ethernet card and 2 Unilogic). One of the Unilogics is master. I need to use mobile network for communication via wireless routers on all three locations. Any tips on how to set this up?
  10. I Need a New EXL-CABxx cable. In a hurry. Can I make one myself? Wiring diagram. Only for testing purpose while waiting for new
  11. My customer want more I/O in my project. It started with V200/18-E3XB and have now 7 I/O expansions. Now he want another 7 temperature measurements and I do not have room for this in the cabinet. Can I use EX-RC1 and an I/O-expansion on the already configured system and put this remote? I get a warning when I try to define EX-RC1 in the project.
  12. I try to install Visilogic on my drive, but get "catastophic error" (Windows 10 Home) It seems that the installation program try to install on G: instead of C: Any solution?
  13. I am trying to set up a connection with a webserver over GPRS. I have a DNSserver set up to connect the PC and Unilogic PLC, but can not reach the PLC. Over ethernetconnection it works perfect. Any suggestion? I can send emails and the enfora modem receive GPRS IP
  14. I have a project that receive a SMS of this type: FIRE at Station 2 Time 11:11.11 FIRE at Station 2 Time 12:11.12 The first part is constant, but the last part changes. Can this be received by V570 and used to trigger a MB ? The message Fire at Station 2 shall open a valve fully open.
  15. Or you can use M-contacts and OR them to the coil later in the program. When you use it your way, it is always the last used network that decide the coilstaus. M3000 -||--------| M3001 | O2 -||--------|---------( )- As UniGuru say, this is general to all PLC-manufacturers
  16. Lawry: if I monitor the plc in stop mode, it shows 4095. Joe T: I will try that. Thank you.
  17. One instance is when downloading new program. Normally is not a problem, and if it is a system definition, I must live with it. But I had a hope that the output should be able to control as long as the MI-value is correct.
  18. Sorry, late answer. I do not know if I can repeat it. It happened when I quitted Visilogic accidently without giving arguments to the Block. The program was running on Win7 and I used V9.7.0 Visilogic.
  19. I have a problem with a valve control. The controlsignal is 4-20mA. The control works very good when PLS is running.4-20mA give decimal values 820-4095 on output. If I switch off the PLS, there is of course no value on output that is recognized as control signal by the valve, and it does not move (error condition on 4-20mA signal say that valve shall be in last position). The problem is when the PLS goes to STOP, the value on the PLS Memory Integer is still 4095 (fully open valve), but the output from V200-18-E18 give an output the the valve control read as GO tO 0% (closed posistion). Any idea what to do to get around this?
  20. Thanks! I learned a lot here! Will try this and report back
  21. Jarnes.vlp It is written in Norwegian, can you help anyway?
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