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  1. @Joe Tauser please check your Email, I sent you a pdf with shematics. @Flex727 yes i did, thank you for info.
  2. I'm only allowed to upload 10.24kb. My pdf file have 381kb. Is there any other way to upload files?
  3. Here are the complete electrical schematics : http://www116.zippyshare.com/v/zmAasaSO/file.html This is made for laboratory exercises in fluid mechanics and i need to add one more conductivity sensor.
  4. i cant upload picture of rear view monitor LF 296 beacuse its too big,thats how it looks: http://www.wtw.com/de/produkte/produktklassen/stationaere-messsysteme/analoge-umformer/quadroliner-lf-296.html
  5. hello everyone, i got conductivity sensor TetraCon 325, which i connected to monitor LF 296 and its showing some values. I need to connect sensor to PLC modules and show data on PLC screen (V1210).
  6. Hello again and thanks for answer. I tried to download with ethernet but same problem. However i acquired USB cable and now im trying to download program but i get error. Invalide procedure call or argument. How to solve this, install USB driver and download program succesfully to PLC with USB cable? Best regards, Andrew.
  7. Hello. I am bassicaly new at this forum and also at Unitronics PLCs. However i got assigment to solve a problem with Unistronics PLC V1210. At start screen PLC is showing message - No Application and I need to remove this message and upload old program. I read at forum about it and its probably because power failure or battery is running low. I tried to download program to PLC via ethernet cable and i got this message (Capture). How to setup communication and download program to PLC? And when I succesfully download and burn program to PLC this message no aplication will dissapear?
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