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  1. Mr. Joe, Thanks for information. I understand nothing is cheap, but even its expensive i am ready to pay, but the thing is the REX-100 not working properly. So i want to replace. Now i got static IP to my unistream PLC. Pls explain what are the port / service type need to forward at my router for remote access my PLC..? Thanks Again Ganesh Singapore
  2. Hi support, I am using unistream software version 1_18_41. now i am upgraded to 1_18_60. I call the local support for upgrade. They advise me to change PC UAC control to lower mode & then disable the antivirus software (I am using Kaspersky) for a while. when i am install. I tried so many times still i cant resolve this issue, i am unable to upgrade my software version. Even though i upgraded to latest version 1_21_51. the problem still remains. I am using windows 7 home premium (64bit) OS. When ever i try to run the program after successful installation, the program struck with this pa
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