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  1. I think it's time PLC waits to resend message after unsuccessful communication attempt. SI 101 is system register for TCP/IP time out. You should be able to set it from ladder.
  2. When I needed Z pulse for positioning, I had to give a whole HS channel to it (one input was wasted, had to stay unused).
  3. This question was asked several times and there is no solution as far as I know. It looks like what ever you do in settings, processor usage progressively goes to 100%. I had to switch to Modbus, which is a shame because UniOPC is a great tool.
  4. I guess that too would be unstable. Why do you need unsymmetrical Proportional band? Is overshoot too big if you want it to be more aggressive when temperature gets too high? Maybe try parameters that give softer approach to setpoint. I don't know what kind of process you control, but with temperature it helps to turn off integral part when output reaches 100%, there's a function block for that.
  5. Maybe if you set up logic to change P parameter when temperature rises over setpoint. Although that would probably be unstable.
  6. You should provide more information. Can you post program or screenshots of your routine and serial init function blocks? Which PLC are you using? Are com parameters the same on both PLC and meter side? Did you set DIP switches for RS485? There should be examples under Hep menu in VisiLogic.
  7. Copy DW50 into some other location every scan. Then copy back at startup.
  8. I did a few, but they work on local NTP server. I guess logic is the same for server on the internet. You need an UDP socket on port 123 for RFC-1305 function. You can try building it from the example program, if I recall correctly program from the example worked when I tried it out. Also you need to have a logic for daylight savings time. I attached a snip because rest of subroutine is a mess because I needed to switch a socket to UDP for time update and then back to TCP and that's a lot of gymnastics. If something goes wrong RFC returns 0 and resets the date so that's why there are Lower and Upper limits.
  9. There is a "Remote Operator" app for mobile phone for Unitronics PLCs. I don't remember if it works with Jazz, maybe someone can confirm this.
  10. At the end of program (at the end of every scan) copy those registers into some other free DWs. Then at startup copy them back, via SB2 contact. I think there should be a complete example of this method somewhere in this forum, I've seen this topic before.
  11. Read value and add to sum, then increment a counter to read next value and so on. Shouldn't be a massive code. You can use "Jump to Region" to loop it so it is done in a single scan.
  12. Pt100 are resistive probes, error could be in cable resistance (if cross section of those 3 wires is not the same), in some bad contact or EM interference. If those 2 °C is static error you could add offset in the program to take it into account or try filtering it.
  13. You don't need linearization for PT100. Module itself does that and gives you result x10 (value 123 would be 12.3 degrees). You just choose °C or °F in hardware configuration.
  14. I just checked, there is an actual Flip-Flop function block in VisiLogic. Never used it, if I need this function I just do what Flex did.
  15. Every time I got corrupted file, it was because I had to add new font because default fonts can't display č. I learned this lesson once, but still remind myself from time to time. Did you ever lose any critical data?
  16. Is there no scroll bar on the right? What version are you using? I think "Run PID" function blocks shouldn't be called over transition contact. Net 11 "A-Tune" subroutine. Why are you autotuning on every startup?
  17. So, if I understand this, you have two axis linearly moving from one end to the other. You can use models TR34 or TRA22 and have two channels configured as " Pulse + Direction ", also look at the manual of your driver for steppers. I hope this is enough to get you started working on the details. Check out POT webinar on Unitronic's YouTube page, great stuff.
  18. It is easier for writing and debugging if you make a subroutine for each PID and then call them from the main. What do you mean by first scan? If you ask about "Config Blocks" you can put each one in those separate subroutines, it's convenient to have it there because it shows input, output, set point and status at a glance in online mode. Be sure to call config over SB2 startup bit.
  19. Needs little more info. Which controller are you using and how are you commanding the drives? You can see in the help files possible configurations of high speed channels - https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/VisiLogic_Knowledgebase/PTO_Functions__Simple_Motion_Control.htm What do you mean by synchronized motors, are you cutting circles or something similar? If you need interpolation there are no PTO functions for two axis movement, you'll have to write logic yourself.
  20. I can't see the whole cabinet, but top right corner is an unusual place for the panel.
  21. This was in kratmel's link. I did not know that.
  22. I can't see it neither on phone nor desktop.
  23. Slow saturday in the office. Waiting for electricians to finish, so I'm just staring at the boxes and logo caught my eye. As your countryman once said. Why do we need to work everything is built! 😐
  24. Hello all, I was wondering what does Unitronics company logo represent? Those 4 lines, I don't get it.
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