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  1. I had a similar problem with V700 just stopping Ethernet communication. It wouldn't communicate with SCADA through UniOPC and couldn't be accessed by VisiLogic from any port. It responded to pings. Socket status was the same as with Joe's case, 23 when it locked, 20 after restart. It happened after 20 or so days of continuous work. It started working again after everything was restarted. I never had any problems with controllers that require Ethernet cards.
  2. Hi, I opened U90 help files by mistake instead of Vision help files , and found that for HSC it says "Counter value is an integer with a range of -32768 to +32767. After the counter reaches the maximum value of +32767 it will continue to count in the negative range. " I couldn't find similar statement in VisiLogic help files. Now, I plan to use Vision controler V430, and in Technical Specifications for V430-J-TR34 it says that hardware counter has resolution of 32-bit. Does that mean that I can link ML to high speed inputs and they will count to 2^31? I am using two shaft encoders if it's of any matter. I wasn't even thinking about this question, but since accidentally I looked at U90 help it's been bugging me.
  3. Thanks for assistance, It works now. If anyone else needs it, if you use ladder comm function "V700: Read Socket Status", and compare it with 23 it's the same as SB 147-150. Just out of curiosity, do I still need CARD INIT and SOCK INIT blocks for V700 to work? I can't test it easily because I use Ethernet to communicate with it from a distance.
  4. Is there any way to see which Ethernet socket is active on V700? I went with V700 because it has integrated Ethernet port, but now I can't use SB 147-150 like on other models that require expansion card.
  5. I was looking for 2D drawing. I checked that section of the site and there ain't any files for V700. A colleague extracted front view for my project from 3D CAD so I found a way around that. Thanks.
  6. Hello, Is there any place I can find CAD files for V700. I can't find them on the site.
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