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  1. I created a global array of Binary. How do I set/clear/compare elements of the array of binary? I use Store to do that with array of integers, but that doesn't seem to work with a array of binary.
  2. I am trying to control a BACnet device via a GW-BAC1 gateway but it doesn't work. The device has 8 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs. See the attached YABE display. I am just trying to control the first digital output. Does any of the information in the YABE display go into the GW-BAC1 config file? Here's my config file: //================================================================================ // // Common Information // Bridge Title CN0864 Unitronics v1.00a //================================================================================ // // Data
  3. In the provided example "unistream_070_Bacnet_TCP", there's a global of type "Modbus Remote Slave". When I try to add another global, "Modbus Remote Slave" doesn't appear as a type option. Since my PLC is going to be the slave, should there be a type "Modbus Remote Master"?
  4. Which sections would I swap here? //================================================================================ // // Common Information // Bridge Title CN0864 Unitronics v1.00a //================================================================================ // // Data Arrays // Data_Arrays Data_Array_Name,Data_Array_Format,Data_Array_Length DA_AI_U16,UInt16,1 //================================================================================ // // Client Side Connections // Connections Adapter,Protocol,IP_Port N1,Bacnet_IP,47808
  5. I tried to manually modify the config file to swap the roles but it didn't work.
  6. Do you have an example project where the PLC is the slave/server? We have a Crestron that's supposed to control us via BACnet.
  7. I have YABE running on my PC and it does not see my GW-BAC1 but it does see other BACnet devices. Should YABE see a standalone GW-BAC1 or does the GW-BAC1 need to be controlled by an HMI to become active? Here's the config details: UniBACnet Configurator Protocol: BACnet IP Port 47808 One Device Instance: 0 with name Node1 One Descriptor: Analog Input Modbus connection: Modbus IP
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