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  1. IO-AI4-AO2 doesn't have filtering, at least not a setting for one in the setup. Also, the signals I am filtering are very erratic, I am trying to get an approximate level, we call it density level, in a tank full of fluid with a large amount of gas being pumped into the bottom. A filter that uses reading over a couple seconds works best. Here is what I use : Usable value (UV), Current value (CV) UV = 0.95*UV + 0.05*CV The coefficients can be changed they just need to add to 1. This needs to be executed on regular intervals. I was able to get the code working. Once I used the 'Stop - Download - Run' button instead the 'Download' button things started working more predictable. Learing is sometimes painful.
  2. I am working with Filter FB. My goal is to sample 10 times per second and filter then scale the values. There is a picture attached of the current setup. When running Filter_2 doesn't seem to be working. I believe the setup is correct. I have tried putting the elements on different rungs, always with the same result. I am new to Unitronics, I hope there is an obvious solution.
  3. This is good information. I would be happy pushing a Modbus message or a raw TCP packet. Now that I know it is possible I will spend more time researching. Thanks for your time.
  4. I purchased a new V200-18-E4XB, plugged on, connected it and it works. I wish I knew what the issue was with the damaged one.
  5. Is it possible for V570 to push data to a specific IP and port? Currently I poll for data via a modbus request but it would be really nice to be able to set up a data push on an event. I am relatively new to this brand of PLCs. If the answer is really obvious and I missed point me in the right direction and please forgive my newbieness. Thoughts?
  6. I am having problems getting any output or input from a V200-18-E4XB attached to a V570. I believe the wiring is correct and power is being supplied to all the appropriate places. I also believe the jumpers are set properly. AO to B, AI to A. SB 177 shows that the snap in module is installed and responds when the module is removed. The AI always shows 32767. When using a volt meter to measure output voltage of the AO, I never get more than a few mV not matter what values is written the to output register. I also tested a DO without success. Is there a definitive way to determine if the snap in module is damaged? . Thanks for your time.
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