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  1. Dear Sir. I connected my New HMI panel USP-156-B10 through USB with my PC. After connecting it showing "identifying new hard ware, but not getting connected. checked in control panel the driver is showing in Network adapter. I cannot connect through either net cable as well. I am using windows 7 64 bit. Can you please help screen shot.docx
  2. Dear Sir, So mean to say in Unitronics, we cannot select a cell with reference to row value and column value. Then I think I need to change the PLC. I have 40 tanks to work. it is very sad. My plan was like this. i have a tag which shows sounding. ( In EXCEL sheet it shows SOUND) i have tag which shows the trim ( Tr=0.Tr=1,Tr=1.5 etc etc) From excel sheet the program should find the row , then column, then resulted cell in another tag which is volume.
  3. Dear Sir, Have good day. The volume of the tank with respect to height of the liquid and Trim not strictly a mathematical formula. The tanks are are of irregular shapes. This table made and given at the time of ship's construction. we have to follow this other wise ship's stability will change. in normal condition we take the sounding(height of the water) manually. The trim we calculate by how much the forwad of the ship and aft of the ship is summered. then take the difference. then we check the table, The ROW and column meets, is our volume.
  4. Dear Sir, Please help on following DTI usage. I am using EXCEL sheet as attached for showing volume of tank. We have 2 conditions. 1. NEGATIVE TRIM 2. POSITIVE TRIM. trim is calculated by our sensor. The height of the liquid is also calculated by pressure sensor. From the liquid height according to positive or negative trim, select the volume from the cell. This value want show in a numeric box. For example, I know my tank list is positive and sounding is 0.25 and trim of 1.5, as per excel sheet my volume will be 5.12 Metric cube. Want to pick this 5.12 value and show in numeric box. if in negative trim, at 0.25 depth and negative trim of 1 my volume will be -0.67 metric cube. From excel sheet how I can select using DTI I marked it red for ease of reading. Can you help on this please. I have limited access to internet. cannot search and study the examples. This will be great help for me. With regards Attachments area NO1TSWBP.xls
  5. Meetto


    Meet's question was doubled and the one here is in use:
  6. Dear Sir, Have good day. Now I understood. Thank you for kind help.
  7. Dear Sir, Thank you for prompt reply. Sorry did not understand how to couple 2 bits to symbol. Can be more specific.
  8. Dear Sir/madam, Have good day. Thank you for reply, Please, can be more specific. sorry. I did not under stand coupling 2 bits with valve.
  9. Dear sir/Madam, I done small projects with UniStream. I got one large project. Can i have some help to carry out this project. I am not so professional oly a small scale programmer. I'm attaching one of screen shots of an existing project. we are planning to upgrade this with Unistream PLC. In the photo red color valves, when we touch on particular valve a pop up screen should come with showing two buttons OPEN CLOSE. like at right side upper corner of the screen. can we do this by designing single screen and when touch the valve the screen will pop for with that particular valve number. or we have to make pop screen for each valve. like this there are 3 screens with same number of valves. I did not buy the HMI UNIT and CPU to try. Please help.
  10. Dear Sir/madam, have good day. I changed the virtual port setting in device manager to COM 2 and now it is working. Thank you for the time.
  11. Dear sir/Madam, I Have 4 USB ports and tried all the ports. It is same showing COM 17. I installed USB driver and restarted. still same.
  12. Dear sir/Madam, Have good day. I brought new JAZZ , JZ20_J_R16, After programming I tried to load the program to JAZZ. but it is not downloading. I am using USB, in my computer it is connected to STM electronics Virtual COM port (COM17) found in system device.. In Jazz it is COM 1, Am I doing anything wrong. please Help. How can I load program to JAZZ. Need an urgent help.
  13. Dear Saragani, have good day. Thank you for your kind assistance. I re insttales >NET frame work and software stated to work. Thanks again for kind help.
  14. Dear Sir/Madam, have good day. Yes earlier version was working. I programmed some programs and installed. My operating system is Windows 7 professional, 64 bit
  15. Dear sir/Madam, I downloaded Uni logic latest version 1.24.56, keeping old version 1.18, the new version installed. it comes upto notifier then disappears. old and new both versions are not opening. Please help
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