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  1. Thank you for your fast answer. I am referring to both of them, I/O operand labels AND analog I/O configuration. The point is i have multiple projects for multiple machines which can have totally different amount of I/O modules (from 2 to 12, analog or not, 0-10v or 4-20mA) so it would have been useful for testing each project on each machine. It's an idea of evolution I will explore the excel path. Thank you again, Jérémy
  2. Hello everyone, Is it possible to export and import I/O hardware configuration between projects ? If yes, How ? I can't find solution or trick. This functionnality could be very useful. Thank you by advance, Jérémy
  3. Hello, I'am also interested by the subject, do you know if there was modifications/new functionalities (for copy/paste between projects) since 9 months ? Thank you very much, Jérémy
  4. Ok, thank you very much for your efficient support. Best regards, Jérémy
  5. Hi, Thank you for your answer.I have contacted french support in parallel of the forum and this is our first conclusion, maybe it will be useful for someone with the same problem. The problem comes from SQL version of my collegue's computer : he can open his own projects but I can't on mine. I have sent the project to unitronics support, they re-sent me a modified version which I can open with my PC. My collegue had also opened it, save it and after that I was unable to open it again. We have concluded that the problem came from SQL, on his computer he has 2004,2005,2012,2014 and "compact" versions whereas I've got only 2012 version. I don't know the difficulty/possibility for make compatible all SQL versions but it could be a improvement for Unilogic. Finally, I apologize for my english grammar. Thank you again, Best Regards, Jérémy
  6. Hello everyone, I have some trouble when I try to open a existing project in unilogic : My collegue made the .ulpr with his computer, and when I'm opening it with my PC, the loading symbol appear for about 1/2 second then disappear, and there is nothing, neither error message nor "recent project". I saw in the forum a similar problem due to SQL but in this case, the person tryed to opening the project on the same PC where the project was made. I have nevertheless unistalled unilogic and all SQL server from my computer, then re-installed Unilogic (he automatically installed SQL 2012) but the problem persist. To sum up : -> Unable to opening project made from an other computer (loading symbol appear for 1/2 second then nothing) -> Unilogic 1.17.73 -> Windows 10 (UAC desactivated) -> SQL server 2012 local DB installed by Unilogic Moreover, I don't know if it's helpful but in the log "UNHANDLED_EXCEPTIONS.txt" I have the message "13:21:22.5854 5552 Info MainWindow.MainWindow_Activated => MainViewModel.StartClient Trying to connect to notifier... try no. 0" Thank you so much by advance, Regards, Jérémy
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