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  1. im going to use modbus. plc as slave and raspberry as master bec plc is going to send the its output to raspberry pi. ive attached my program. can you please check wether modbus ive included in ladder program is correct or not. can anybody help me in the raspberry pi as well. any help to write the coding to receive the hmi output in raspberry pi. modbus car spray1.vlp
  2. i so far finished my ladder programming in unitronics V1040 plc and created a webpage to use in raspberry pi to view the same HMI screen in my webpage at the same time whatever output i get from the Plc HMI. now i hv the problem is, how can i communicate plc and raspberry pi.can i connect the i/o and o/p of both plc and raspberry pi . is any coding ive to write in the raspberry pi terminal for the communicate with plc. please advice me.
  3. hi, im new to this unitronics n hv to do a project in it. i need a help. im using V1040 i need to get the plc output in raspberry as web page. cant i open the output as web sever instead of web page and hw can i give the connection between plc and raspberry pi. can i just connect both by using router or hv to connect with wired. is any simple method to do this.. ive done a project in ABB pm574 that hv inbulid websever so i dont need to create an webpage and i just connect plc with raspberry pi using router..
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