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  1. So I'm gonna have to program it by using the rs232 port, let's say like on the samba PLCs (the ones without mini usb port)? And if that's the case then why bother putting a usb port on that V570? Thanks for the incredibly fast response btw.
  2. Hello, I was asked to make a new software in a company where they had a 5-6 years (not sure) old V570 PLC (the one with the black/grey & white design, not the black one). This PLC does not contain the mini-usb programming port (regular used for charging mobile phones), but the one that is shaped like a square usb port (the one pc uses to communicate with printers/scanners). Although I had the driver installed for the more common usb port I also used install usb driver option from the visilogic software, and the software confirmed that I already have the driver installed. However when
  3. Thank you for the advice guys. I was actually able to solve the problem yesterday. I was working under the assumption that the general send error was a mistake in the wiring. The weighing indicator was actually continuously sending streams, so I changed the variable in the scan from decimal ascii to a stream with the exact lenght and it worked like a charm. That means Joe is spot on with the recommendation for reading the incoming streams. Once again thank you for the help and the fast response. You guys are great. Cheers!
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble with reading anything (value) from a weighing indicator connected to a V570 PLC via RS232. The wiring is OK, and I know this from the fact that when i enter serial monitor and go to port 2, I am able to read all the messages (in ASCII) from the weighing indicator (pic number 4). When I try to configurate the protocol in ladder, I keep getting status: 1 (which in manual says Send: General Error Indicates an unknown system error.). I'm not trying (need) to send anything to the weighing indicator. My configuration is as follows. 9600 baud rate, parity: none, 1
  5. Thank you for your help Simon. Your advice gave me a direction to pursue. I wrote by mistake in my first post that there is a separate power supply for the EX-RC1. I meant the CAN bus comms. The CAN bus comms is powered by a separate power supply and there is a separate power supply for the PLC, EX-RC1 and the IO modules. Is it possible that this is causing the problem? Should the CAN bus comms and only the PLC share the same power supply and a separate one for the EX-RC1 and the IO modules or something else entirely?
  6. Hey guys, I have a UniStream 7" PLC connected with EX-RC1 expansion module via CANBUS. The CANBUS is connected according to the info in the datasheet with 120 ohm resistors and everything. The complete configuration that the PLC communicates with from left to right is as follows: EX-RC1, 3 x IO_D16A3_RO16, 2 x IO_ATC8/AI8, IO_D16_A3_RO16. The PLC and the EX-RC1 is grounded and connected as it should. EX-RC1 is programmed (initialized UniCAN) and the LEDS are all working propperly (PWR ON, I/O COMM ON, BUS COMM ON). Accordingly I am able to read/write all the inputs/outputs. So,
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