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  1. I am also very interested! Internal clock of the Vision series doesn't hold the clock accurate for longer period and if You have to log something that is needed to prove something for example, then it is quite annoying when You can't rely on data the PLC has gathered. So - has anyone ideas, how to get the clock update working with online internet NTP server? Basically You need the IP address of the NTP server, which You can get if You ping the server and then You need UDP and port number 123. Unfortunately for me it didn't work. Jan
  2. Hello! Would like to update this topic. Flex did You manage to get the online time update working from NTP server? I tried but the answer returned always the same from multiple NTP servers in internet. 7199 in decmal. It would be nice to have the clock updated from for example time.google.com. Also I noticed that after 2010 I guess, there are new protocols out instead of RFC-1305. Does the RFC-1305 work at all today? Thanks, Jan
  3. Well... It worked for me. And I had the same problem at first, that the fix button didn't do anything. I waited a bit and then it turned out the button had done what it was supposed to do. Great! Jan
  4. Ok Sorry! I messed two things up. Net ID and TCP port. Now it works like a charm! Really nice app! Jan
  5. Hi I've tried to connect the app to two different V1040. Connection was unsuccessful. I have Android 6.0.1, which shouldn't be a problem. For me it was strange, that in the app there is no target port entry, as the PC version does. Is there some kind of default target port set, that can not be changed? Any ideas? Jan
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