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  1. it worked like a charm, the real problem was the printer power supply, the printers are 12v and my power supply was 24v, so i used a lm7812 to supply it, but the power consuption was higher than what the ci could feed, so i used two instead and worked! thanks for the help guys!
  2. Hi, I 'm new to samba and Visulogic programming, and I'm having some problems to use the samba sm35-j-t20 serial port to send data into a chinese printer(csn-a2-r), it uses rs232... I initialize the the com with the printer parameters and I configured an protocol, but when I try to send the messages something goes wrong, The data is not sed correctly, it appears ramdom stuff in the printer. obs.: the printer is 12vdc so I hacked it with a lm7812 to be able to use it with the same power supply. Someone have done something similar and/or can help please?
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