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  1. For the next guy... I was able to communicate to my components. It took a lot of playing. Things that helped me are,: Opening the EDS in a text editor (ie, Notepad++) and verifying the instances/size of Input/Output/Config. While trying to connect look at the hex code for the initialization status of your component's EIP Scanner Node Struct while online. If not connected and have a code check here for a solution: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/UniLogic_Knowledgebase/Communications/EthernetIP_Connection_Status_Messages.htm 'Use Run Idle For O2T'
  2. Thanks for the reply Dave. I just tried the Use run idle check boxes without a different result. As far as the Configuration Assembly instance #, I had in there 1 originally. I have tried some different numbers for the heck of it, but still no connection that stays. I got my instance values from a project I recently did, but in studio 5k (AB/Rockwell). Do you know why it would be different? I realize now how spoiled I am with being able to upload the EDS files.... -Scott
  3. Hello, I am looking for help with ethernet/ip on a unistream 7". I am intermittently connecting to a Mettler Toledo scale. It will connect very quickly and immediately disconnect. I have attached pictures of the eip scanner node struct tags for both scenarios. I have also attached my program. I have looked at multiple scanner eip samples and followed the unitronics ethernet/ip video on youtube. I have still not had any luck keeping a connection. I am not getting any error on the scale controller either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. I'm sorry for not replying. I usually get an email letting me know someone responded. I did not receive any this time. If you anyone is still out there..:\ I tried compile and it had no errors. I also tried initialize & reset to no avail. I could not post my program because it was too big even when compressed. I have messed with it and found that in my main routine I was calling sub 1, sub 2, ret. In Sub 1 I was calling sub 2, ret. In Sub 2 I was calling sub 1, ret. I removed the calls in sub 1 and sub 2 but left RET. It now works. I am guessing this put it into a contin
  5. I am having an error that when I add a call subroutine in my main ladder the program does not load on the PLC. It is giving a Status: Idle on the black and white startup screen and stays on the screen. When I take the Call subroutine out. The main ladder and HMI shows on the PLC. Has anyone had a problem like this before? I have Updated the OS, Loaded a blank program and then downloaded my new program, but its still not working. Thanks Scott
  6. I believe I fixed one of the problems. I had 2 direct coils with the same address. I changed some code also for the other problem. I will let you know how I make out. Thanks, Scott
  7. Hello everyone, Looking for some help. My program keeps getting hung up when I am storing #40 and #60 into MI 1. Can anybody take a look at this and see what I'm missing? I could only attach the subroutine as it was too big. Thank you so much, Scott scott_ladder.vlx
  8. Hello, I have been struggling on this project for work. It is an automated assembly station. I am still very green when it comes to programming. I went through what I had tonight and tried to make it work. Would anybody be kind enough to look thru my code and give me some pointers? Maybe tell me what I am doing wrong. I haven't had any formal training so I would like advice from some pros. I have attached the subroutine. Thank you in advance. Scott AUTO MODE-1.vlx
  9. Thanks Joe, I failed to mention that the "Manual" subroutine was for troubleshooting; to make sure I wired my valve stack correctly. That will be eliminated. Thanks for the state machine example. I looked through it and followed a lot of it, but I am just having a hard time thinking of how it would look in an application like mine. It may just be that I am getting use to this type of programming, though. I will definitely be looking into it more. Like I said this is my second PLC to program (both are unitronics) and I am enjoying it a lot. Do you have any advice on learnin
  10. Thank you Joe, In reference to your list. #1. Got it. Is this only more efficient or will a regular contact cause potential issues? #2. This would explain why it was acting erratic when trying the program. #3. Got it. #4. I would like the outputs O1 and O3 to stay on or SET during the cycles, but only when holding the anti-tiedown when the reset button has been hit. I added reset coils in rung 8 and 9. Please let me know if I'm out in Left field. Code attached. #5. Got it. #6. I read through transitions under help. It is making sense.
  11. I have a reset button on the main hmi screen (mb9). When the machine needs to be reset the operator hits the reset button. Then hits the anti-tiedowns which then retracts the cylinders (O3 and O1) and resets mb11 (reset hit) coil. Thanks, Scott
  12. Thanks for the reply Joe. I was testing the reset rung (pic below) and I could not get my coils O3 and O1 to come on until I took out Reset coil MB 11. I was thinking that MB 11 was Resetting before O3 and O1 could energize.. Does that look possible or am I dealing with something else? Do you see anything else that is not "Best Practice" programming in this sketch? I appreciate your help and knowledge. Thanks again, Scott
  13. Hi Everyone, This is my second PLC, it is a Samba. I am having an issue with my set coils. When a set coil is energized or ON, my corresponding RESET for that coil gets energized also. This has me stumped as I believe all my reset coils are isolated until I want them to come on. This is happening to a few coils in the sketch named Machine Logic. Any help would be appreciated. I posted the sketch. Thank you, Scott 1311-1.vlp
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