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  1. I bought a USP-104-B10. I took it out of the box and applied power. After starting up it displayed a message saying the program that is loaded requires an SD card and gave me the option to retry or ignore. Since I was going to load a program that didnt use one. Now it just restarts after idling at the unistream logo and beeps. What can I do?
  2. Is there a module for Unistreams that can provide a +-10v differential signal?
  3. Hello, I am planning to buy a V1210-T20-BJ and mount it in a panel door. I want to connect it to 3 x IO-DI16's and 3 x IO-TO16's that will be mounted on a din rail inside the panel. What is the module I should use to connect them and what cable should I use?
  4. I was reading this document for the USP-104-B10. It says it can hold up to 5 modules. I have never used one of these and would like to know if the CPU consumes some of these slots. I am hoping I can fit a USC-P-B10 and three UID-W1616R onto one USP-104-B10. Other wise I will have to get an extension module and am not sure which one to get at the moment. Thanks
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