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  1. In such a case, it should always back up RAM information before doing battery replacement. Otherwise, lose RAM information could happen. I am always thinking that the SB8 bit can be cleared manually or automatically by our program.
  2. I have a new V570-57-T20 with Hardware Revision: E and OS: 3.6 (03). I tested the battery low bit (SB8) by removing the battery and re-insert the battery when the unit is powered up. The battery low bit is not reset after the re-inserting the battery. A power cycle is required to reset the bit. Any one has the same issue with her/his V570 unit?
  3. The reason the SD card can't be read is that OPLC corrupted some of the files in the SD card. I am having the same issue too.
  4. Th built-in webserver and the advance webserver have both advantage and disadvantage. The built-in Webserver can accept editing string/ASCII and the advance webserver can't. Can we have both built-in and advance webserver running at the same time?
  5. I am trying to write a macro for my excel file to browse and save an .CSV file from SD card to my local computer. Does anyone know the hotkeys for SD Card Suite or it doesn't have any?
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