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  1. We know it is for CANopen, I will check if it is for EtherNet IP.
  2. Estimado Marcelo, Hay varias cosas que pueden estar pasando: 1.- La intensidad de la pantalla está en le mínimo y por eso no puedes ver nada. 2.- Puede estar sin ninguna pantalla programada el PLC y tener descargada una pantalla inicial con fondo negro. Lo primero que debes hacer es invocar el UNIAPPS. Presion y mantén presionada la esquina superior derecha de la pantalla hasta que se active el Uniapps. Si eso funciona, busca la opción para verificar la intensidad de la pantalla. Colócala en un valor superior al 75%, generalmente eso es suficiente. Luego descarga algún ejemplo de los que Unitronics tiene disponibles, o descarga un programa nuevo con una pantalla con imágenes para verificar que todo está bien. Translation: Dear Marcelo: There are several things that may be happening: 1.- The intensity of the screen is at minimum and that's why you can not see anything. 2.- The PLC can have no screen programmed and have an initial screen with a black background downloaded. The first thing you should do is invoke the UNIAPPS. Press and hold the upper right corner of the screen until the Uniapps is activated. If that works, look for the option to check the intensity of the screen. Place it at a value greater than 75%, generally that is enough. Then download an example that Unitronics has available, or download a new program with a screen with images to verify that everything is fine.
  3. Can you explain how many variables are you reading/writing in each operation?
  4. I am working right now with IO-LINK - EtherNet IP modules, so it will be nice to Import EDS files. @Cara Bereck Levy is R&D working on this topic?
  5. Fancy... I know Unistream can handle a lot of images. I like to push the HMI to the limits and so far Unistream is doing great. In your case you need a nice 3/3 valve. You need a list of 3 images variable to show the actual position.
  6. I have a V1040 connected to 8 VFDs with 1 port. But the VFDs can handle 115200 bps.
  7. Hi guys. I am having problems trying to open programs made in previous versions. The 1.24 Rev 48 keeps telling me the programs are Read-Only versions. I partially solve the problem opened back-up files, but if I don´t have an Unilogic back-up file of the program I can´t open the program. Please tell me if you find a way to open the old version programs without problems. Thanks.
  8. You can try to set a very big target just like the Jog in the EXF-RC15 example. The only way I know to clear the current position is performing a Home command.
  9. I see it as a problem of pulses/revolution. If you want more precision without increasing the sampling rate, then you need to put more pulses/rev. You can find now a lot of new magnetic encoders that can improve your precision. The UID0808THS can count much more than you are using right now. I know the costs are going to rise but it is a better solution. With enough pulses/revolution you can sample each 250 ms or even 100 ms.
  10. First try to establish communication with a comm simulator like hercules, so you can check if the protocol you are using is right. I made one application to write barcodes on Zebra. The key factor was first checking the protocol with hercules then when you know the message is ok, then send using the PLC. Good luck
  11. This project has 4 screens with a lot of variables (more than 63 HMI) and you can see I have like 40% free. So I think Samba can handle 10 screens and lets say 160 variables. I am very sure that before you run out of memory you run out of I/O´s. So that´s must of the time my check point.
  12. That´s why I am avoiding as much as possible the snap in modules. If you have a lot of wires attached and you need to open and close the cabinet door then its better to just have the HMI.
  13. Can you check the temperature of the IO-LC module. I had a similar problem a year ago. The IO-LC module I was using was very sensible to temperature, so after a couple of hours of operation the drift started. I change the module and the new one works ok. So in my case the IO-LC had some problem.
  14. I change some dedicated modules to IO-LC1 and IO-LC3. When you learn how to use the modules, then you can do anything a dedicated module can do and for less money. I have some projects where we built data tables, print bar codes, etc. for much less than a dedicated module with Ethernet connection for example. I recommend you buy 1 IO-LC1 and play with it and learn how it works and all the stuff you can do. Then start designing your projects to sell to the customers.
  15. I will like to help but I need more information about your system. First: If you change recipes, then you must empty the mixer. You need to find out a way to empty the mixer (blow, vacuum, etc). Are you measuring the mixer? Or just the amount you send from silos?
  16. Nice, I have a pretty good number of applications running that way. My only recommendation is trying to use an Unistream as Master. The communication is much better and so easy to do it. Good luck
  17. As Flex told you, use the FIND AND REPLACE command to move the variables so they can fit in the available space in Samba. I made the switch from V350 to Samba for small machines and is working ok. I don´t know how to measure the space a program requires but I never get out of memory with Unitronics. Good luck
  18. I work a lot with Modbus TCP/IP. I solved the problems you were talking about configuring SI (103-106). And also writing some code to close the socket or reset the card. Now I don´t have any experience with V700. So we need Unitronics people to help.
  19. If you want the operator to enter that variable, you need to click the Keypad Entry box. Now, if you select Keypad Entry then you can´t assign a "Touch" MB to that variable, because the touch is going to be use to open the Keypad. Just download a test and try. It´s the best way. I think the warning is just not as clear as we will like, but it´s just telling you than after removing a Keypad Entry option, that variable it´s not going to have a "Touch" response. So if you need to make something with that variable (not entering the value) you must assign a Touch MB. Hope it helps.
  20. Hi Joe: Do you need the Weintek remote display to run as a Master? Since the launch of Unistream and always I need a master I choose one of them, the communications are so stable and easy. I think the problem you are having is the way Weintek manage the comms. Try to change an use the V700 as master and check.
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