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  1. Yes Flex, The solution is as simple as this:
  2. SOOLVED!!! Looking to the problem, I've tried to set the protocol type manually, and YES! It works! After initializing the socket, I set the socket protocol manually in 0. Starts the synchronization, and it works. There is no need to close the socket. I think that closing the socket only got effect on TCP MASTER connections. If you are interested, you can find the details attached. Thanks everyone! Solved.pdf
  3. Aus: Thanks for your answer! You are right on this. I normally play with instruction orders, or I use a label to go to end of ladder when launching or modifying a connection. The PLC executes the communications at the end of ladder scan. So, I force it to do this before evaluating any connection condition. In this case, I am in test stage, so I´m using manual flags to run any single rung. This assures to avoid any timing trouble.
  4. Flex: Thanks for your answer! Going a little deeper, the application normaly uses this socket for modbus comm as slave. In some conditions, I need to use this socket for a time synchronization. For this second use, I need the connection as UDP, and don´t have any modbus config to define. All I can do is stop the modbus listener rung... ...close the socket... ...and initialize as UDP.
  5. Hi everyone! I´m using the four sockets in a Vision 130, and I need more! So, I tried to redifine a socket in run time according to some conditions, but I find out that once the socket was defined, I can´t redefine it. The socket is first initialized as TCP / Port 502 / Server. A Modbus IP configuration is attached to this socket, and running as Modbus IP Slave. Then, I close the socket... ...and redefine it as UDP The result is that the socket never loose the Modbus definition, and can´t connect via UDP. When the second socket definitio
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