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  1. Hi Joe,Hope you're well.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to display an elapsed timer.

    Or rather how to start and stop one.I'm using a vision280 with a snap in i/o.


    Sketch (3).png

    1. Joe Tauser

      Joe Tauser


      Those SB's aren't for you.  Don't rename them.  They are System Bits and the PLC OS will stomp on them despite your logic.  Read through the descriptors and learn what they can do for you.  Use MB's for your own code.  

      Most timers are delay on timers, but there is such an animal as an accumulating timer (type TA) that will do what you want.  Read all the Help on timers.

      I've attached a simple example.  You'll see I've used a special coil called a toggle, which is kind of unique to Unitronics.  I have also assigned and MB to the Touch property to the rectangles.

      How did you come to start with a V280?  It's an older model and I never use them on new projects.  The Enhanced Vision series has a lot more power and is easier to work with.

      Joe T.

      Accumulated time example.vlp

  2. Hi Joe thanks for all your trouble not sure that there's any point posting my vlp as it's crap. I thought that a countdown timer would be simple. Not so worried about the total at the mo as it will require FB's and not sure how to o/p them as I need to speak to the network manager. Thanks again Martin
  3. Thank you Joe, I've been experimenting with your ladder, What I need to be able to do is :Keypad entry the time max 24hrs60min60sec to countdown to zero Start when F6 pressed and Stop when F7 pressed to reset I was hoping that when ESC pressed the timer would flash allowing new time to be set by keypad. I've tried linking timers and counters from the screen but to no avail. Thanks again Martin.
  4. Hi new to this. I am trying to create a countdown timer. F6 starts the countdown from a keypad entered number Hours and Minutes. F7 Pauses timer. When the timer is in the on state ie. counting down I wish for a relay to be activated. I'm using a V280 with a V200-18-E2B i/o snap in. At a later point I'm going to require the total time multiplied by a predetermined Current reading as a total in milli-amp hours. I've read just about everything posted about timers but can't seam to find anything relevant.Attached is my effort.It doesn't work I can change the numeric value of the timer but it won't Start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Martin
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