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  1. Ok, thanks again for your replies, Nobody else had opened it, however one of my colleagues had tried to install the BETA version a week or so ago and it failed (!!), I believe this may have overwritten some .dll or install files but never fully completed the install. I originally opened the project successfully (v2.0.6) --> did a 'save as' --> renamed the file (v2.0.7) --> then couldn't open the new file due to a database mismatch... It also meant I couldn't uninstall / modify / repair the Visilogic software as the installer files were the wrong version and the PC threw
  2. Thank you for your reply, This is interesting, I actually don't have .79 installed, only .65. However I have been doing some work with the Data Table Editor in the SD Card Suite. Could this have caused the issue? Or is it referencing a different database entirely? Thanks for the reply, I'll give .79 a go then. Jon
  3. Hi all, Just updated a piece of Visilogc software and I am now getting the following error: Does anyone have any idea why this has happened and how can I get out of it? Thanks in advance! Jon
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