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  1. Ok, thanks again for your replies, Nobody else had opened it, however one of my colleagues had tried to install the BETA version a week or so ago and it failed (!!), I believe this may have overwritten some .dll or install files but never fully completed the install. I originally opened the project successfully (v2.0.6) --> did a 'save as' --> renamed the file (v2.0.7) --> then couldn't open the new file due to a database mismatch... It also meant I couldn't uninstall / modify / repair the Visilogic software as the installer files were the wrong version and the PC threw
  2. Thank you for your reply, This is interesting, I actually don't have .79 installed, only .65. However I have been doing some work with the Data Table Editor in the SD Card Suite. Could this have caused the issue? Or is it referencing a different database entirely? Thanks for the reply, I'll give .79 a go then. Jon
  3. Hi all, Just updated a piece of Visilogc software and I am now getting the following error: Does anyone have any idea why this has happened and how can I get out of it? Thanks in advance! Jon
  4. Hi all, Halfway through a download to my V430 PLC over USB, the power to the PLC was cut off. When I tried to turn the PLC back on again, the screen wont turn on. Is there a way to factory reset the PLC? Do I need to remove the battery? Thanks in advance. Jon
  5. Was there ever an answer to this? I am looking for a way to import a Data table using FTP. I can export files from the SD card using TCPIP commands to a USB stick but am struggling to import from the USB stick to the SD card... I use a RETR command in the FTP-CMD block but where does that file go? If anywhere? Thanks, Jon
  6. Oh my days, it was the cable... Just managed to borrow another and it worked first time. Strange thing is, I tested the 'broken' cable on an external hard drive and it worked perfectly... Who knows. Thank you all so much for your assistance. Jon
  7. Yes this is the second PLC (both V430) where this has occurred.
  8. Hi all thank you so much for your time and replies. Unfortunately, none of these are working. I've rolled back the windows updates to before it stopped working... No good. I actually havent been able to try another cable... as I dont have one... however could a broken core cause this? Even though it still says it recognises a deive has been connected? I have used that (very handy) removal software to get rid of all of the port devices and old drivers etc. including the ones that were hidden (Thanks Joe), then reinstalled the drivers from prolific directly. Then installed th
  9. The Driver installs fine but it does not engage a COM port. The 'USB Device Not Recognised' persists. Jon
  10. Hi Cam, thanks for the reply. I am using the built in usb programming port, I assumed the prolific drivers were needed as in the past when connecting to the PLC it has shown up in Device manager as COM9 in Ports. When I plug it in I get a windows error bubble saying 'USB Device Not Recognised'. And an 'Unknown USB Device' pops up in Device Manager. And as far as I am aware all of the comms settings havent changed. I have checked through them all and they are the same as they were before the update. If it helps, my Windows Version is Windows 7 SP1 Build 7601. Stopping the P
  11. Hi all, I am having some issues ever since the latest update of Windows 7 connecting to a V430 PLC over USB. This worked perfectly up until that update. I have tried reinstalling the prolific drivers and the drivers from within Visilogic but to no avail. Has anyone got any ideas? Unfortunately Ethernet is not an option we must be able to connect via USB... Jon
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